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Help reduce your risk of colon cancer with these two natural nutrients…

by , 14 October 2013

Colon cancer is the second biggest killer when you analyse deaths from cancer. Scientists have predicted you have about a one in 20 chance of getting it. So, it's important you do everything you can to help prevent it.

Mainstream medicine may have some hefty offerings when it comes to fighting cancer once you have it. But when it comes to preventing colon cancer, they often come up empty-handed. Thankfully, Mother Nature has plenty to offer.

Recent research has revealed two colon cancer-preventing powerhouses you should add to your diet today…

Colon cancer prevention powerhouse # 1: Folate…

The National Cancer Institute reported people with diets rich in folate have a lower risk of colon and rectal cancers. They also abated the misconception that “too much” folate could cause cancer.

In fact, they found that people who ate the highest levels – at least 900mcg per day – were 30% less likely to get colorectal cancer than people who ate less than 200mcg per day.

The problem is the RDA set by the Food and Nutrition Board for folate is only 400mcg! That’s right… Less than HALF of what researchers found to be effective in preventing colon cancer.

No wonder those in the natural health industry consider this RDA business as a joke.

The best foods to increase your folate levels are: Beans, nuts, wheat germ, organic liver, oysters, salmon and brewer’s yeast. And, you can supplement your diet too.

Colon cancer prevention powerhouse # 2: Vitamin D…

The second powerhouse is no other than good old vitamin D.

A new analysis of 18 previous studies found a 33% reduction in colon cancer risk in people with the highest blood levels of vitamin D compared to those with the lowest levels.

Dr Wright’s general recommendations for vitamin D is as follows:
  • Infants: 1,000 IU daily
  • 4-8 years: 2,000 IU daily
  • 9-10 years: 3,000 IU daily
  • 11 years onwards: 4,000 IU daily.
Check with a physician skilled and knowledgeable in Natural Medicine for the best dosage for you personally after having your levels checked.

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Help reduce your risk of colon cancer with these two natural nutrients…
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