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Heavy drinkers watch out! Your stomach cancer risk is sky high

by , 21 November 2014

If you enjoy your booze, you might be at serious risk of stomach cancer, says recent research.

Experts at the Mario Negri Institute in Italy conducted a meta analysis of 59 other studies to determine their findings.

And with over 34,557 patients across the studies having developed stomach cancer, they could say with conviction that drinking too much puts you at risk of developing stomach cancer.

So, how much is too much?

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Heavy drinking can cause more than a serious hangover

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention explains that heavy drinking is when men drink more than 15 alcoholic beverages a week and women drink more that eight.
You might not think it’s a problem because you don’t have a drink or two every night of the week. But how may do you slot away on a weekend?
Do you binge drink? (Meaning you have more than five drinks in less than two hours?)
If you answered “yes”, your stomach cancer risk might be just as high!
Even more recent than the Italian study is this Spanish one.
Experts at the Catalan Institute of Oncology in Barcelona say men who, at any given time, drink more than four drinks in one sitting have a higher stomach cancer risk.
At the start of the large-scale study, more than 10,000 men admitted to having more than four alcoholic drinks every day. So when, at the end of the study, researchers calculated their stomach cancer risk, it was double that of the men who didn’t drink as much.
So, even if you enjoy a couple drinks around the braai, you may be harming yourself without even knowing.
And while exerts can’t say alcohol on its own increases your cancer risk, they know there’s something that’s even worse…
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Smoking and drinking sends your stomach cancer risk soaring

If you smoke while you drink, it’s time to quit. At least one!
This because researchers have sufficient evidence to suggest drinking alcohol and mixing it with smoking increases your stomach cancer risk even further.
It may have to do with the free radicals your body produces when it processes tobacco – a toxin your body treats the same it would cyanide.
And this, with the harm alcohol does to your system, could be the cause of cells proliferating and mutating into cancer cells.
But, instead of giving up your love of a relaxing drink every now and again, change your habits.

Drink in moderation to lower your stomach cancer risk

The key to keeping alcohol from wrecking your health is to drink in moderation.
That’s right!
Men, you should drink a max of two drinks a day and, women, you’re limited to one!
Even better, drink at the same time you eat to lower your body’s ability to absorb toxins.
There you have it. Practice safe drinking techniques to ensure alcohol doesn’t rob you of your health.

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Heavy drinkers watch out! Your stomach cancer risk is sky high
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