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Health science breakthrough: Halt the spread of prostate and breast cancer by eating curry

by , 09 January 2013

Here's some good news for cancer sufferers! Studies reveal that adding curcumin - the active ingredient in turmeric that gives curries their intense orangey-yellow colour - may stop cancer tumours from forming and spreading. And the reasons why are astounding…

This latest health breakthrough is especially important for prostate cancer patients since this type of cancer is often diagnosed after metatastic (malignant) tumours have developed in other organs. And 3% of the time, the metastases are deadly.
It’s also good news for woman with a family history of breast cancer since, in both forms of the cancer, tumour cells promote inflammation and curcumin has been shows to decrease the release of two pro-inflammatory proteins (cytokines) in the body.  
Although still in early stages of animal research, the results have been surprising. Not only have researchers seen a decrease in both inflammation and the number of tumours, but it’s evident that by halting the development of cytokines, curcumin also stopped tumours from spreading. Better still, unlike other cancer treatments like chemo and radiation, there are no reported side effects of curcumin.
How much curcumin do you need to take to cut down your cancer risk? 
Available from all good health shops, you can take up to 8g of curcumin per day safely. If you have prostate problems, speak to your doctor about adding curcumin to your daily supplement regimen. If you’re a woman with a family history of breast cancer, you may wish to do the same.
So there’s no reason not to indulge in delicious yellow curries – spiced with turmeric – or spicy yellow rice at dinner this evening. 
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Health science breakthrough: Halt the spread of prostate and breast cancer by eating curry
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