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Halve your risk of breast cancer recurrence by drinking two cups of coffee each day

by , 22 May 2015

If you're a breast cancer patient, I have some positive news for you!

A new study led by researchers from Lund University in Sweden claims that breast cancer patients who take the drug tamoxifen could have their risk of getting it again by drinking coffee!

Read on to find out how drinking at least two cups of java each day while on these meds can slash your breast cancer recurrence risk in half.


Slash your risk of breast cancer recurrence by drinking coffee

After skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the world. In South Africa, one in every eight women becomes a victim of it…
Hormone therapy is a standard treatment for patients. It’s most commonly administered after a patient undergoes surgery for the disease. Tamoxifen is one of the drugs used for hormone therapy. 
It works by preventing oestrogen from binding to breast cancer cells, which stops them growing and dividing.
And that’s where coffee’s powers come in. 
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I admit I was downright shocked when I found out that cancer isn't actually what kills most cancer patients! And I've been a doctor for well over 20 years - so not much surprises me anymore.
Even more astounding - this monumental discovery goes back to the 1970s when former US Air Force Dr Joseph Gold uncovered the REAL killer, a condition that no one in the medical field was even talking about!
That's right - the real culprit behind 3 out of every 4 cancer deaths isn't cancer at all. No! It's a syndrome you've probably never even heard of - called cachexia (pronounced "ka-kek-see-ah").

Moderate to high coffee consumption daily while on tamoxifen can halve your chances of breast cancer recurrence

Of the 1,090 women in the study, 500 were on tamoxifen. Researchers split the women into three groups based on their coffee consumption: Low consumption (less than one cup a day), moderate consumption (two to four cups a day) and high consumption (five or more cups a day).
The team found that women on tamoxifen who had moderate to high coffee consumption had half the likelihood of breast cancer recurrence than those who had low coffee consumption.
What’s more, they found that tamoxifen-treated women who consumed at least two cups of coffee a day had smaller tumours.

Caffeine and caffeic acid reduces cell division and increases cell death

Next, researchers analysed the effects of the two substances present in coffee – caffeine and caffeic acid – on breast cancer cells.
They found that both these compounds – particularly caffeine – reduced cell division and increased cell death. When they tossed tamoxifen into the equation, the effect was even stronger.
“This shows that these substances have an effect on the breast cancer cells and turn off signalling pathways that the cancer cells require to grow,” says Rosendahl.
The team stresses, however, that breast cancer patients should not swap their medication for coffee. “But if you like coffee and are also taking tamoxifen, we encourage you to drink it! Just two cups a day can make a significant difference,” Rosendahl concludes.
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Halve your risk of breast cancer recurrence by drinking two cups of coffee each day
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