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Golden flax seed helps prevent and shrink cancer cells…

by , 02 December 2013

An exciting new study published in Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes & Essential Fatty Acids found flax seed - rich in omega-3 - could help keep even the deadliest cancers in check.

During this cancer research, the American researchers discovered that hens, prone to aggressive ovarian cancer, decreased their chances of developing the most serious forms of ovarian cancer while on a diet rich in golden flax seed.

At the end of the study, the hens that ate the flax seed meals were dramatically healthier and less likely to develop tumours.

And the hens fortunate enough to peck at some flax seed lignans during feed time had much lower levels of a lethal enzyme linked to inflammation and fast-spreading cancer and fewer late-stage tumours.

This isn’t the first cancer research to highlight the power flax seed lignans have on shrinking cancer cells… 
In an earlier study, researchers from Germany uncovered flaxseed is a powerful breakthrough that could help turn the tide on breast cancer forever.
The researchers gave a group of breast cancer patients a daily dose of flaxseed. Participants started each day with a muffin made with either a placebo or nutrient-packed flaxseed. 
After just one month, the breast cancer patients’ tumours were spreading more slowly and actually shrinking. The flaxseed omega 3 was actually killing their cancer cells!
There’s no time like the present to add flaxseed to your diet. You could give your body the fighting chance it needs to sidestep cancer. 

Flaxseed enriched diet-mediated reduction in ovarian cancer severity is correlated to the reduction of prostaglandin E2 in laying hen ovaries: (plefa.com)
Flaxseeds & Breast Cancer Survival: (care2.com)
The real key to healing cancer is to wipe out the stealth disease lurking behind it...
I admit I was downright shocked when I found out that cancer isn't actually what kills most cancer patients! And I've been a doctor for well over 20 years - so not much surprises me anymore.
Even more astounding - this monumental discovery goes back to the 1970s when former US Air Force Dr Joseph Gold uncovered the REAL killer, a condition that no one in the medical field was even talking about!
That's right - the real culprit behind 3 out of every 4 cancer deaths isn't cancer at all. No! It's a syndrome you've probably never even heard of - called cachexia (pronounced "ka-kek-see-ah").

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Golden flax seed helps prevent and shrink cancer cells…
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