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Go for a romantic walk on the beach to lower your risk of breast cancer by 14%

by , 22 April 2014

There's one good reason to find every excuse to go for many romantic walks as you get older. And that's to lower your risk of breast cancer. This because when you're postmenopausal your risk of breast cancer is high. And you need to find ways to lower this risk…

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Walking one hour a day after going through menopause lowers your risk of breast cancer!
One of the greatest risk factors of developing breast cancer is menopause. This because of the hormonal changes you go through.
And a recent study performed on postmenopausal women aimed to determine how to lower this risk.
The journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers, and Prevention published the study result. They showed that women who walked for an hour every day lowered their risk of breast cancer by 14%. This was whether or not they put on weight or used hormone therapy during menopause.
You don’t even need to walk fast or far, says MedicalNewsToday.com. You should aim to walk around five kilometres in that hour.
But there’s a way you can lower your risk even further…

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Doing exercise when you’re postmenopausal is essential to your overall health
Strenuous activity lowers your risk even further. And it involves alternating strenuous and moderate activity in your routine. Doing this can lower your risk by 25%!
This because of the way exercise acts on your oestrogen and insulin levels. It changes the way oestrogen breaks down and lowers the production of insulin. Uncontrolled levels of both these hormones increases your breast cancer risk.
The study concludes to say that a sedentary lifestyle contributes to 10% of disease related deaths.
Be sure to incorporate exercise into your daily routine to lower your risk of developing breast cancer after having gone through menopause. 

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Go for a romantic walk on the beach to lower your risk of breast cancer by 14%
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