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Go ahead: Snack on orange peel choccies!

by , 29 January 2014

If you like the orange peel flavour, you're in luck! Eating orange peels is really good for you as they hold some pretty nifty health benefits! From helping with arthritis pain to killing off cancer, there's more than one healthy reason to tuck into the orange peel choccie.

So what’s the first thing you do when you’ve peeled your orange? You throw the peel away!
Next time, don’t be so quick to throw your peel away! You might miss out on some potent disease fighting compounds in the orange peel.
From soothing arthritis pain to fighting cancer, orange peel carries plenty health benefits
Orange peel has four times more fibre than the fruit inside, has anti diabetic, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties says Oprah.com.
A study also found that orange peel helps prevent arthritis, and might provide a platform for an anti-cancer and anti-obesity drug!
And amongst others including keeping bones healthy, reducing inflammation, may help dissolve kidney stones and stop enlargement of the prostate gland says greenmedinfo.com.
Looking at all the health benefits of orange peel, you’re going to have to start eating them!
We realise it’s going to take a whole lot of convincing to get you to eat an entire orange without peeling it. But luckily there’s ways you can still get all the health benefits from orange peels without shoving the whole peel in your mouth.
You can simply add the zest of the orange to any food. You can literally grate the orange peel into your cereal at breakfast, salad at lunch, curry at dinner and ice cream for dessert! A whole day’s worth of healthy orange peel meals. 
Take advantage of all the health benefits orange peels provide.
Hang onto the peel next time you’re thinking about eating an orange!

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Go ahead: Snack on orange peel choccies!
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