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Global cancer rates expected to increase by 75% - know how to protect your health

by , 29 January 2014

By 2030, there'll be 22 million new diagnoses made for people with cancer says WebMD. That's a staggering 75% increase in the number of people with cancer across the world in only 16 years. We hope it's become clear to you why it's so important to protect yourself in any way you can from cancer taking over your life!

With an increase in the rates of obesity and subsequently diabetes and other diseases, there’s a rise in cancers developing. 
The most common cancers are breast cancer, colon cancer and skin cancer.
It’s not only the obesity epidemic that’s taking hold of your health. Its things in your lifestyle like smoking, not exercising and eating the wrong types of foods can lead to cancer too. 
Take control of your health and protect yourself from getting cancer
There’s ways you can decrease your risk of developing cancer. And here at FSP Health, we’re dedicated to looking for these ways. So we’re taking you through some of the ways you can decrease your risk of developing certain types of cancer.
· Reduce your risk of developing breast cancer by 15% just by walking
· Only drink out of glass or BPA free water bottles to reduce your risk of prostate cancer
· Think about the way you’re cooking your meat to reduce your risk of cancer
· Eat mustard to help reduce your risk of developing cancer
· Add broccoli to your diet to ensure you’re protecting yourself against cancer
· Eat carrots to help ward off colorectal cancer
· Check your blood pressure medication with your doctor so you’re not increasing your risk of getting breast cancer
· Quit smoking so you can reduce your risk of oral, throat and lung cancer
· Try the remedy for skin cancer that could be growing in your garden: A natural hibiscus extract
We’re always looking for ways to help you stay healthy and cancer free. To play your part, ensure you’re eating healthy foods, getting regular exercise and using our great natural preventative tips. 

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Global cancer rates expected to increase by 75% - know how to protect your health
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