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Giving in to chocolate cravings could increase your colon cancer risk by up to 80%

by , 23 April 2013

In the Women's Health Study, researchers found that foods with a high glycemic load significantly increased the risk of colon cancer in women. That's because they spike blood sugar and insulin levels and contribute to an environment in the body that actually feeds tumor growth. And nothing is more to blame for this than chocolate. So the next time you get a chocolate craving, don't give in. Do this instead…

“To kick chocolate cravings to the curb reach for a low-sugar, protein-rich chocolate smoothie instead, advises  the team behind leading natural health publication Health Bytes. You’ll balance your blood sugar, and may help reduce your risk of colon cancer according to the study.

After all, as the study showed that people who ate a diet rich in foods that spike blood sugar and insulin levels were “up to 80% more likely to experience cancer recurrence or even death than those who ate the least amount of these foods,” reports lacolon.com.

And that means chocolate has to go.

But how to you put a stop to those chocolate cravings that have you climbing up the walls in desperation?

Five ways to release your body from the chains of chocolate addiction

There are a few easy ways to take control of your chocolate addiction, says Health Bytes.

1. Increase your protein intake. Our bodies often exhibit cravings for sweets when what it really needs is more protein. So cut your chocolate craving by reaching for foods like peanuts that are rich in protein.

2. Take a daily multivitamin. Some nutrients help keep blood sugar stable, so ensure you get enough of them by supplementing your diet appropriately.

3. Ditch sugary cereals. Eating sweet things in the morning or early afternoon tends to stimulate sweet cravings throughout the day. So eat a breakfast that is NOT sweet by ditching sweetened cereals and muffins for unsweetened porridge, an egg-white omelette or lean protein.

Conquer Cancer with Mustard?

You knew vegetables could help prevent cancer, but eliminate it? An all natural cancer-fighter found in mustard has been shown that it could actually wipe out nearly half of early cervical cancers and may prove key to combating breast, uterine and ovarian cancers. So harmless you could (and probably should) take it every day just to be on the safe side.

4. If you have suffer from the sugar blues in the morning (around 10-10:30am) and again in the afternoon around (2-4pm), drink a cup of sweet vegetable juice (such as carrot juice) each day.

5. Avoid artificial sweeteners. Research shows that artificial sweeteners cause intense cravings for sweets.

Who would have thought chocolate cravings could be that dangerous? Take these steps today to kick them to the curb and slash your risk of developing deadly colon cancer at the same time.

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Giving in to chocolate cravings could increase your colon cancer risk by up to 80%
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