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Get vitamin D from supplements instead of the sun to skip skin cancer!

by , 04 March 2013

Spending too much time in the sun this summer? You'll regret it when your skin reacts to UV radiation from all the sun exposure with wrinkles, freckles and even skin cancer. But that doesn't mean staying out of the sun is your best bet to prevent skin cancer either…

TVNZ reports that New Zealand’s current ‘brilliant’ summer has resulted in more exposure to skin cancer-causing ultraviolet or UV radiation.
The dangerous UV radiation has already increased by 17% this summer. 
The South African summer has been just as hot, so UV radiation levels are likely to have increased at similar levels.
And just because you’re not actively sitting in the sun doesn’t mean you’re not at risk.
Because UVA can even penetrate glass and clouds to increase the growth of skin cancers. 
That’s why “the best sun protection is common sense: Go inside, or into the shade, when you start to turn pink, or after 15 to 20 minutes... And you'll be just fine,” says Dr William Campbell Douglass II on the FSP Health website.
But the rising number of skin cancer cases shows that this common sense doesn’t kick in, for many of us.
And did you know staying completely out of the sun also puts you at risk of developing skin cancer?
FSP Health reports that you need vitamin D from the sun to protect you from melanoma skin cancers
So it’s a vicious cycle! You need vitamin D from the sun to prevent skin cancer, but getting too much sun exposure in turn puts you at risk of developing skin cancer.
Here’s how to get enough vitamin D to prevent skin cancer without sitting in the sun…
If you still want all the benefits of sitting in the sun without risking skin cancer, FSP Health recommends you take 4,000 IU of vitamin D daily. 
So supplement your vitamin D intake today. You’ve got nothing to lose and you’ll cut your chances of developing skin cancer!

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Get vitamin D from supplements instead of the sun to skip skin cancer!
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