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Four tips to get your health back on track after breast cancer

by , 03 October 2017
Four tips to get your health back on track after breast cancer
While studies haven't established a direct link between lifestyle habits and a lower risk of breast cancer, it's common sense that forming healthier habits benefits your overall health. Plus, surviving breast cancer is the perfect occasion to evaluate your habits.

“A cancer diagnosis represents a teachable moment,” says Julia Rowland, director of the National Cancer Institute's Office of Cancer Survivorship. “It gives you a chance to make lifestyle changes that can benefit your general health and cancer status,” she adds.

Read on for five healthy habits you should adopt after breast cancer…

Four tips for taking care of your health after breast cancer

#1: Exercise five or more days a week
Time to get moving! The American Cancer Society recommends that breast cancer survivors get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise five or more days a week. It doesn’t matter what type of exercise you choose, as long as it aims to get your heart rate up. Exercise won’t only make your recovery easier, but also protect against other killers like diabetes and heart disease.
#2: Ditch smoking, drinking and junk food
You can still get breast cancer even if you don’t smoke or drink and eat a low-fat diet, but some research suggests a link between breast cancer and the same poor dietary habits tied to diabetes and heart disease. Plus, research has shown that being obese or overweight boosts your risk of breast cancer, especially if you piled on the weight as an adult.


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#3: Go for regular visits to your doctor
It’s true that each year without a recurrence of breast cancer marks a significant drop in your risk and five years out is a major milestone. However, recurrences can still occur up to 25 years after a first bout with breast cancer. So, make sure you continue with regular check-ups!
#4: Avoid plastic and pesticides
There’s a growing body of research that suggests environmental links to cancer. One major concern is what’s referred to as endocrine disruptors, which are found in some plastics and pesticides. Endocrine disruptors may play a role in breast cancer because the disease is closely tied to one’s exposure to hormones.
Those are our four top breast cancer recovery tips!

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Four tips to get your health back on track after breast cancer
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