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Forget the PSA - look at the top of your head for a more accurate early warning sign of prostate cancer

by , 27 March 2013

Black men get prostate cancer at twice the rate of men from other races, and they're twice as likely to die from prostate cancer. Now, research has found that early hair loss in black men is an early warning sign of prostate cancer. Luckily, there's a natural way to reduce this risk to almost nothing!

Male baldness can be embarrassing, especially if it sets in early.
Now, there’s more reason than ever before for men to watch your hairlines.
Because “a study of more than 500 black men found that those who have baldness by age 30 are more likely to develop prostate cancer," says Health24.
This is the first conclusive proof that baldness is a potential risk factor for prostate cancer.
Watch for early baldness and a change in urination habits for clearer sign of prostate cancer than the PSA!
If the men reported baldness by 30, their likelihood of developing prostate cancer was increased by about 70%, compared to men with no baldness at age 30.
That’s pretty scary, especially as the most recognised prostate cancer test, which is the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test, has just been slated as an ineffective tool for preventing prostate cancer deaths, as virtually the same number of men died from prostate cancer - regardless of whether they were screened or not, says FSP Health.
Worried that you could be at risk?
When it comes to warning signs that something could be wrong with your prostate, it all comes down to your urination habits, says FSP Health
If you urinate more, can’t hold your urine, have to get up frequently at night and have difficulty when trying to urinate, you could be at risk of prostate cancer.
But all is not lost – you can act now to reduce your risk of developing prostate cancer.
A natural, green way to reduce your risk of prostate cancer…
Green tea is often hailed as the true drink of good health – especially as it’s been proven to lower risk of prostate cancer, says FSP Health
In fact, daily green tea reduces your risk of all cancer tumours by up to 90%, says GreenTeaHealthNews.
Not only does green tea kill the cancer cells outright, but it also reduces cancer progression, prevents DNA damage from free radicals and protects normal cells. 
What are you waiting for? Drink up!

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Forget the PSA - look at the top of your head for a more accurate early warning sign of prostate cancer
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