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Five spices that'll help you fight cancer, lower your blood pressure and keep your cholesterol in check!

by , 05 February 2014

There are your go-to spices for cooking! But have you many more options for flavoursome meals that have a health boost too… So don't only stick to the spices you know and love, dig into the back of your spice rack and pull out the following. Surprise your family and friends with a new, healthy recipe by adding these spices.

Some of the spices on your spice rack are just gathering dust. But you should really get them out and add them to your cooking. 
Not only will these five spices add some great flavour to your meals, you’ll get some magnificent health benefits too. 
Don’t be afraid to try something new with these healthy spices!
Five spices you should use to boost your health
By adding healthy, natural spices to your food, your health will benefit in many ways. From lowering your need to add salt to fighting cancer, natural spices are a great way to keep your body healthy while getting added health benefits. And because of the flavours available from simple spices, you won’t have to rely on processed sauces to flavour your food!
Healthy spice #1. Garam masala
Add garam masala to your meals and you’ll cut back on your salt intake, which helps with the control of your blood pressure. It’s a mixture of different herbs and spices, and adds some hot and sweet flavours to any dish. 
Healthy spice #2. Paprika
Paprika adds a bit of spice to your dish, but you’ll get some antioxidants too. 
Healthy spice #3. Allspice
A powerfully fragrant spice that may have properties that can help your body fight cancer! Use allspice in your meals!
Healthy spice #4. Celery seeds
Adding celery seeds to your meals also helps to lower your salt intake. It adds enough flavour to foods that usually require salt, so you don’t need to add salt! You’ll get a dose of iron and calcium from celery seed too.
Healthy spice #5. Coriander
Coriander has a tangy lemon flavour and can possibly help lower cholesterol! It also helps your immune system and fights bacteria.
Now you have five great reasons to get into the kitchen to dust off those recipe books and spice jars in your spice rack. Cook up some great, flavoursome meals with these five spices and give your health a boost!

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Five spices that'll help you fight cancer, lower your blood pressure and keep your cholesterol in check!
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