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Five controllable lifestyle factors that can help you prevent cancer

by , 07 July 2016
Five controllable lifestyle factors that can help you prevent cancer
Without oversimplifying the life-threatening disease that is cancer, let me say this: There are dietary and lifestyle factors that can impact this disease.

Well-known American doctor Dr Dean Ornish recently conducted a study that showed that after just three months on an intensive lifestyle programme including a plant-based whole-foods diet, over 500 genes that regulate cancer were beneficially affected.

Dr Ornish's study found that the lifestyle programme either turned off cancer-causing genes, or turned on cancer-protective genes.

While there are a number of strategies that can help you prevent cancer, here are five that are most recommended.

Five healthy lifestyle tips that can help you prevent cancer

#1: Address your food sensitives
One major study found hidden gluten sensitivity could increase the risk of death, including by leading to heart disease and cancer. This means that by just this mechanism alone, more than 20 million Americans could be at risk for heart attack, obesity, and cancer.
Dairy and gluten are the most common triggers of food allergies linked to insulin resistance. Temporarily cutting them out of the diet can allow the inflamed gut and an inflamed body to heal.
#2: Eat a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods
Inflammation is the common thread connecting most chronic diseases, including cancer. There are plenty of things you can do to reduce inflammation, including eating plenty of omega-3 rich foods, like wild fish and flaxseeds.

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#3: Reset your gut health
Researchers are currently studying the link between the gut microbiome and breast and prostate cancers.
Beyond avoiding inflammatory foods, you can also add more probiotics and prebiotics to your diet — like miso and yoghurt — to help cultivate a healthy gut garden. Consuming lots of phytonutrients in plants like curcumin and resveratrol can help reduce gut-based inflammation.
#4: Limit your exposure to environmental toxins
Did you know that the average newborn baby has 287 chemicals in his or her umbilical cord blood, 217 of which are toxic to the brain and nervous system? It’s frightening, but true. Toxic chemicals have a broad range of negative effects on human biology, including increasing cancer risk, and contributing to obesity.
Going clean and green means becoming more aware about how environmental toxins affect your health. Do some research online to find out which cancer-causing ingredients you should avoid, like BPA in water bottles and phthalates in beauty products.
#5: Manage your stress levels and lead a healthy lifestyle
Besides these strategies to combat cancer, I also strongly recommend sufficient sleep, controlling stress levels, and exercising regularly.
Overall, you should work to develop a healthy living plan and stick with it. That might involve working with a functional doctor or a chronic disease-specialist nutritionist.

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Five controllable lifestyle factors that can help you prevent cancer
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