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Fish and plants may decrease your risk of colon cancer, study shows

by , 16 March 2015

While being a vegetarian has been shown to help reduce occurrences of certain cancers, heart disease, diabetes and obesity, being a certain type of vegetarian yields maximum benefit with regard to lowering the risk of colorectal cancers.

A large US study has found, after using medical records, cancer registries and dietary questionnaires pertaining to almost 80 thousand people that a diet based on plants and fish is the most effective against colon cancer, of all the vegetarian diets. After an average of 7 years of monitoring, there were 380 cases of colon cancer and 110 cases of rectal cancer, 22 percent less than for the regular meat eaters.
Pescovegetarians had the greatest risk reduction, 43 percent. These are people that eat fish at least once a month but meat less than once a month.

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Other types of vegetarian diets have shown less benefit in this area. For lacto-ovo vegetarians the risk reduction was 18 percent - their diet includes eggs and dairy while limiting fish and meat to less than once a month. Vegans, who eat meat, fish, eggs and dairy less than once a month, had a 16 percent reduced risk. Even indulging in fish and meat once a week had a benefit, albeit smaller - only 8 percent reduction of risk.
Fish has high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D, both of which have previously been shown to protect against some forms of cancer.
So as the study reveals you don't need to cut all meat, dairy and eggs  from your diet in order to see some benefit. You only need to reduce their consumption and increase the fish and seafood intake  to be a lot healthier.

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Fish and plants may decrease your risk of colon cancer, study shows
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