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Fill your plate with greens to prevent breast cancer

by , 27 October 2014

What you eat improves or destroys your health!

But when it comes to green vegetables, the improvements are vast.

Not only are they great for combatting heart disease, lowering cholesterol and improving blood sugar control, they contain an important compound that fights breast cancer.

Experts believe that when your body converts the compound in broccoli to sulforaphane, it literally turns on your body's cancer-attacking enzymes.

Here's what studies say…

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Broccoli is one of the greatest cancer-fighting veggies there is

Because broccoli contains such high levels of the compound glucoraphanin, which becomes sulforaphane, it’s one of the best natural defences you can give your body to fight cancer.
When cancer cells form, they block an enzyme that would stop cells from growing. But sulforaphane switches it back on and, in doing so, prevents the growth and spread of the cancer cells.
A study at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center tested what sulforaphane does to cancer stem cells. They introduced it into mice and other cell cultures and found it literally blocks cancer cell growth and its spread.
That’s why researchers from the Johns Hopkins University and the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center are currently giving patients with newly diagnosed breast cancer the extract to determine just how effective it is at destroying and beating cancer.
And you can reap these benefit too…
Dr Maria Traka of the Institute for Food Research says you just need to eat four servings of broccoli every week!
While it seems like a lot, using it in different dishes can make eating the right amount easy.
Here are four ways to get more broccoli and its cancer-fighting properties in your diet.
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Four ways to ensure you eat more broccoli for better cancer protection

#1. Add it to your smoothie
Pop a cup of fresh or cooked broccoli into the blender with some honey, almond milk and a mashed banana or chopped apple. It’s one of the easiest ways to add broccoli to your diet!
Have one every morning and you’ll get more than what’s you need to beat cancer.
#2. Broccoli salad
Add small pieces of raw broccoli to your favourite salad for extra crunch and a dash more health!
Look up broccoli salad recipes for ingredients that compliment it well.
#3. Broccoli pasta sauce
Blend cooked broccoli with some cheese and fat-free milk to make a tasty, but healthy, pasta sauce. You can even mix one of your other favourite pasta sauces with broccoli for a hearty sauce.
#4. As is, steamed
Broccoli is a great side to any meat dish. Simply steam it and serve hot!
You’ll never get bored with eating broccoli when you use these four different ways to include it in your diet! So get your four weekly portions of broccoli and beat cancer for good. 

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Fill your plate with greens to prevent breast cancer
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