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Fight prostate cancer with Vitamin E

by , 06 August 2013

A powerful vitamin -one you probably already take for its numerous other health helps benefits (protection against Alzheimer's, cataracts and premenstrual syndrome) -has revealed itself as a possible major player in the fight against prostate cancer. Read on to find out what a recent study has found about vitamin E's ability to protect you against prostate cancer.

Several studies have found that chemotherapy and hormone therapy don’t kill off prostate cancer stem cells. These cells are believed to be responsible for the regrowth of the cancer. In fact, in 70% of prostate cancer cases treated with conventional therapies, the cancer comes back.

That’s pretty depressing. Especially when you consider how many men are put on those treatments every year with the promise that they’re the very best solutions modern medicine has to offer.

But it’s not all doom and gloom.

Researchers at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia have found that vitamin E could prevent the prostate cancer from reappearing.

Vitamin E: An effective prostate cancer fighter

According to Dr Jonathan Wright of Nutrition & Healing, researchers in the QUT study found that T3 (gamma-tocotrienol, or y-T3), a component of vitamin E successfully kills the stem cells that cause the cancer to return.

In a study on mice, y-T3 completely prevented the growth of tumours in more than 70% of the animals. They were fed the y-T3 in water.
What makes Vitamin E so powerful is that “the vitamin triggers cell death in human prostate cancer cells without affecting the normal prostate cells, says FSPHealth.

While researchers say they still want to conduct more clinical trials, you don’t have to wait until then as you already know the health benefits of vitamin E.

You can find vitamin E supplements at your local health shop, just be sure to ask for the ones that contain y-T3. As always, speak to your doctor before taking any form of treatment.

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Fight prostate cancer with Vitamin E
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