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Fight prostate cancer with these four herbs!

by , 05 June 2017
Fight prostate cancer with these four herbs!
Nowadays, doctors are now recommending that prostate cancer patients don't use traditional medical cancer treatment unless the cancer is highly progressed - especially if the man is older than 60.

But that doesn't mean that prostate cancer patients shouldn't do all that they can to fight prostate cancer…

Read on for four herbs that are effective at reducing existing prostate cancer and preventing prostate cancer from forming.

Four herbs that treat and prevent prostate cancer

#1: Lycopene
The National Cancer Institute claims that lycopene may fight prostate cancer as well as other types of cancer. According to vitro studies, it works by inhibiting the androgen receptor expression of prostate cancer cells. In these studies, lycopene also reduced prostate cancer cell proliferation and had a chemo-preventative effect on prostate cancer cells.
#2: Garlic
Garlic is renowned for its immune-boosting benefits, but it’s actually good for supporting prostate health and function, too. A 1997 study from the Imperial Cancer Research Fund in the UK looked at 18 foods and found that a diet high in garlic was one of the most statistically significant indicators for a reduction in prostate cancer risk.


One man is diagnosed with prostate cancer every 3 minutes.
But there’s no reason you should be the next statistic – Here’s why…

75% of all prostate cancer cases are preventable.

So why are millions of men still being diagnosed?

Because they go for the stock-standard PSA (prostate specific antigen) test their GP tells them is the only way to check their prostate health.

So, what’s wrong with the PSA test?

Well, it’s not designed to detect cancer.

Instead, it measures a protein your normal prostate cells make. And the more prostate tissue you have, the higher the protein levels in your blood.

It isn’t an accurate way to detect cancer.

Find out how to really protect your prostate how to protect your prostate and avoid becoming another medical statistic.  

#3: Milk thistle
Milk thistle isn’t only a hangover remedy – a 2005 study from the Research Triangle in North Carolina in the USA looked at the prostate cancer benefits of milk thistle and found that it contains a phytochemical called isosilybin B, which suppresses the growth and proliferation of prostate cancer cells. The same study found that milk thistle suppresses the genetic factor that leads to most cases of prostate cancer.
#4: Green tea extract
Numerous studies have found that green tea extract may provide great benefits in protecting against prostate cancer. According to these studies, it’s the powerful catechin Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that gives green tea extract its prostate cancer-fighting benefits. This catechin acts like an antagonist, which suppresses the proliferation of prostate cancer cells while boosting prostate cancer health.
You’ll find these four herbs that fight prostate cancer online or at your local health store.

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Fight prostate cancer with these four herbs!
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