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Farewell Mrs Wolowitz!

by , 17 November 2014

Fans of the hit comedy series “The Big Bang Theory” are mourning the loss of memorable, but never seen, Mrs Wolowitz.

Carol Ann Susi died on Tuesday morning at the age of 62 after a brief battle with an aggressive form of cancer.

And it came as a huge shock.

Just a week and a half ago she went in to hospital for a medical procedure where she found out she had cancer. The cancer was so aggressive her condition to deteriorate rapidly and claimed her life in a few short days.

If you're dealing with the sudden diagnosis of cancer, here's how to cope…

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Get the fact about your diagnosis, says Mayo Clinic

Hearing your doctor speak those words seems somewhat unreal.
And it’s a frightening experience to say the least.
The first thought that goes through your mind is “why me?” and the second, “what now?”
Now you find out more.
Mayo Clinic says the essential first steps are finding out about your diagnosis. Not only will it keep you occupied, but it’ll help you make sense of the situation.
Here are eight questions to ask your doctor:
1.    What type of cancer do I have?
2.    Where is the cancer? And, has it spread?
3.    What treatment options are available to me?
4.    Will treatment benefit me? And, if so, in what way?
5.    What should I expert during the treatment? And how will it affect me and my everyday life?
6.    What are my chances of remission?
7.    What other options do I have?
8.    What can I do right now?
There’s one more essential question to ask, but it’s not a question for your doctor…
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Ask a friend or loved one for support. Don’t deal with cancer alone.

Having a friend or loved one to confide in and help your decipher the answers to your questions and go through them with you is the type of cancer support you need.
Not only are they there for you, they’re a second set of ears to take in what your doctor says.
And because of their role in your diagnosis, they’re likely to stick with you through the next steps too. Never be afraid to ask for help, you can’t go through it alone.
The next thing you need to do is look at your lifestyle.

Take stock of your life and make appropriate changes to cope with your cancer diagnosis

While you can’t turn the clock back, you can change the future.
The key components of a healthy body are diet and exercise. They can help increase your body’s fighting capacity and are an essential part of beating cancer.
Make sure you inform your doctor about changes you’re going to make and whether they fit in with the treatment options you select.
One of the best ways to cope with a cancer diagnosis is having as much information about your condition as you can find. So don’t stop looking for ways to keep your body fighting fit and strong.
If you have any questions about your diagnosis, our experts are more than willing to help at HealthandFitnessClub.co.za.

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Farewell Mrs Wolowitz!
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