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Exercise: The best thing prostate cancer patients can do for their sex life

by , 24 October 2013

If you have prostate cancer, you'll know how harsh treatment can be! From having your hair fallout to depression and constant nausea, it leaves you feeling downright terrible. But what about the effect is has on other parts of your life - like your sex life? Well, until now no one really had anyway to overcome this side-effect… But that's all changed thanks to a common-sense study by researchers at Edith Cowan University's Health and Wellness Institute…

Thank goodness for scientists with common sense! That’s what you’ll be saying when you’re done reading this article.

Published in this month’s Nature Reviews Urology, research out from Edith Cowan University's Health and Wellness Institute has “highlighted that exercise can counteract sexual dysfunction experienced by men undergoing prostate cancer treatment,” reveals medicalxpress.com.

And when you hear the reason why, you’ll wonder why it took anyone so long to figure it out.

Exercise: A real bedroom boost for prostate cancer patients

Up until now, doctors have treated the erectile problems associated with prostate cancer the way you’d expect: Drugs, injections and implants.

But the problem with this is that it doesn’t address issues like “body feminisation, fatigue, depression and anxiety,” that come with the problem, explains the Institute’s website.

That’s where exercise differs.

As head researcher, Dr Cormie Prue, puts it: “Essentially, exercise allows men to feel fitter and stronger, more masculine and less distressed and these improvements in physical and mental wellbeing are theorised to improve libido.”

And it’s not just a theory!

After putting the sexual health of 55 men undergoing treatment for prostate cancer to the test, the study showed that men who took part in the exercise programme saw a dramatic surge in their libido and ability to perform in the bedroom.

They also improved in other areas associated with sexual dysfunction including body composition, muscle strength, aerobic capacity and a reduction in fatigue.

Proof that just because you’re fighting an illness, doesn’t mean every aspect of your life should be negatively affected. And the best part is, all it took to see result was twice-weekly sessions of moderate to high intensity resistance exercise like lifting weights, and aerobic exercise including walking, cycling and rowing.

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Exercise: The best thing prostate cancer patients can do for their sex life
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