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Every time you take a sip of your cocktail, think about your breast cancer risk

by , 21 November 2014

Do you love a wine spritzer at book club? A cocktail on a girl's night out? Or an ice cold beer while you watch the rugby with the boys?

If so, it's important you read this…

Experts say, with every alcoholic drink you have before you have your first child, you increase your breast cancer risk 15%.

It all has to do with what alcohol does to your body and the production of hormones…

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Drinking alcohol increases oestrogen production and ups your breast cancer risk

There are two problems for your body when it comes to alcohol. One, it converts to a toxin when your body starts digesting it – this toxin is carcinogenic. Two, it plays a role in how your body functions, which makes it more susceptible to cancer.
As a woman, your breast cancer risk increases because of it. Alcohol has an effect on oestrogen. It tricks your body into thinking it needs more, so your body makes more.
As you know, high levels of oestrogen floating through the body increases your breast cancer risk.
Researchers at the University of Harvard found alcohol’s interaction with the body not only increases free radical circulation, it also causes and increases oestrogen production. As a result, women in their study showed a whopping 40% to 60% increased breast cancer risk if they frequently drank!
In young women, under normal oestrogen production, your breast cells grow while you still have oestrogen available. Now, increase the levels of circulating oestrogen and your breast cells proliferate more quickly.
Even when oestrogen production stops – when you go through menopause – your breast cancer risk remains high.
This because your fat cells start converting steroid hormones from your adrenal glands to oestrogen. And it’s oestrogen that makes your breast cells grow.
So, when you’re supposed to have low oestrogen levels, drinking alcohol increases them and your breast cells want to start growing.
Add free radicals to the mix and your breast cells are more likely to mutate and grow into harmful cells instead.
Shockingly, your risk can shoot up to 500%, says Healthline.com.
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You might not even know your breast cancer risk until it’s too late

One of the main factors researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis found in their study was that alcohol causes a condition called “proliferative benign breast disease.”
The more alcohol you drink, the more the cells in your breasts proliferate and, despite the mutations and extra cells being benign, the lesions increase your breast cancer risk 500%.
And that links to what researchers found in the Nurses Health Study II group. A massive 5% of participants who developed breast cancer would never have received the diagnosis if they didn’t drink alcohol.
That brings us to the one warning from experts: Because the age of a first menstrual period is dropping and the age you may have your first child is increasing, it’s essential women lower their average alcohol consumption to decrease the total number of women dying from breast cancer

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Every time you take a sip of your cocktail, think about your breast cancer risk
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