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Eating celery doesn't only help you lose weight! There's an even better reason to add it to your diet

by , 24 October 2014

Weight watchers and health fanatics alike love eating celery! Not only does it use more energy to chew the fibrous food than it contains, it's healthy for your diet too.

But a new study shows there's a more important reason to add celery to your diet!

It can protect you from cancer!

The research - funded by China's National Natural Science Foundation and America's National Cancer Institute - shows that one compound in celery has the potential to keep gut, pancreatic, liver, ovarian, lung and breast cancer at bay.

Read on to find out more about the study…

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Even aggressive cancer-types don’t stand up against celery

The study involved scientists wanting to know what effect the active ingredient in celery - apigenin - has on cancer proliferation and growth.
They did their experiment on mice and, before introducing cancer into their cells, they fed them apigenin at every meal for a week.
There were three groups of mice. One group got 0.025% apigenin as part of their daily diet, the second group 0.05% and the last group was the control – they got nothing. 
A week into the study, they injected aggressive ovarian cancer cells into the mice.
This specific cancer type is very resistant to chemotherapy and grows and proliferates quickly, leading to cancer in other tissues too. It’s a common cancer in women that has the highest death rate amongst all types of cancer.
Within a month, the mice had full-blown tumours forming.
And while the apigenin didn’t stop cancer in this aggressive form, it did have a significant effect that provides hope for cancer patients and those at risk!
Throughout the 60-day study, the mice continued to receive their daily dose of assigned apigenin. And this is what made the difference.
Usually, other tissues would show visible signs of cancer metastasis, but for the apigenin mice, it stayed in the mice’s ovaries.
Researchers concluded that eating celery may be able to keep cancer cells – even aggressive types – from spreading to other tissues! And while they don’t know if there’s potential for it to help prevent cancer just yet, there’s little reason for you to not eat celery every day!
Here’s how to include it in your diet…
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Three ways to include cancer-fighting celery in your every day diet

#1. Main meals with celery
There are dozens of ways you can include celery in your main meals. Try stir frying it with other vegetables or cutting into your salad.
Celery soup is also a firm favourite!
#2. Drinks with celery
Make a celery syrup to mix with sparkling water for a healthy, refreshing, cancer-busting drink.
Simply slice celery, add it to boiling water on the stovetop, stir in some black pepper, some stevia or xylitol and lemon zest. Allow to boil for a couple of minutes before removing and allowing to cool.
Put it in the fridge overnight, then strain and bottle the syrup.
Add celery to your morning smoothie or blitz celery and an apple for a healthy drink.
#3. Celery snacks
Chopped celery stalks are great with avo or hummus dip as a snack.
Eat them as is or add them to other raw vegetables for a healthy salad snack.
It’s easy to add celery to your diet. Do so today to reap the benefits of the cancer-fighting apigenin compound it contains. 

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Eating celery doesn't only help you lose weight! There's an even better reason to add it to your diet
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