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Eat the right foods to help you through lung cancer treatment

by , 04 September 2014

Your nutrition is an important part of your lung cancer treatment. Fuelling your body with the correct foods can help you keep strong while your body and treatment fight the invasion in your body.

The most important aspect of foods while you go through treatment is to eat.

That may sound strange, but because of your treatment, you might feel like eating is the last thing you want to do. But it's essential, even if you only eat small portions at a time, that you try and maintain a healthy and regular eating plan.

Here are some foods you should regularly add to your diet to keep strong and healthy through treatment.

Eat these foods to fuel your body to boost its ability to fight the lung cancer

·         Cooked vegetables from frozen (LINK) not only do some of them contain more nutrients than the fresh variety, they also cook to a softer consistency and are easier to eat.
·         Drink fruit and vegetable juices
·         Canned fruit or fruit purees
·         Soft breads or other soft carbohydrate rich foods
·         Rice
·         Oats or oatmeal cereals
·         Chicken and fish preferably steamed and lean
·         Peanut butter
·         Soft pudding or custard
·         Eggs Soup
As you can see, not only are these foods easy to eat, but they're full of nutrients.
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Keep eating as many calories as you can to boost your health while you undergo cancer treatment

Despite the high calories content of some of these foods, they're still good for you while you undergo treatment for lung cancer. This because you probably don't eat enough calories and eating these increases your overall calorie intake. They also provide your body with immediate energy because of the sugar they contain so you'll feel better and have more energy after eating them.
So get the right nutrients while undergoing treatment! It’s essential for your ability to cope with the gruelling routine on your body. Eat these foods regularly throughout the day and keep snacks on you at all times. It’s the easiest way to keep your body strong and fighting fit. 

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Eat the right foods to help you through lung cancer treatment
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