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Eat mushrooms and reap these four powerful health benefits

by , 17 January 2014

Discover a world of health in mushrooms! It's amazing to think that something as simple as a little mushroom could hold the key to so many health benefits. From parasitic mushrooms used in cancer treatments to button mushrooms and weight management. Go wild and use mushrooms in every dish you can whether cooked or raw…

It’s a fairly strange thought that mushrooms could hold such powerful ingredients to benefit your health! Think weight loss and cancer prevention!
And there’s countless people who wouldn’t give a mushroom a second glance…
If you’re one of those, we hope you change your mind and give them another try. And if you’re an avid mushroom eater, here’s some reasons to keep munching!
Mushrooms and the four best health benefits you’ll love
For centuries, medicine has included using mushrooms for treatment. 
Now we’re eating them almost daily! And you can keep eating them because:
1. Eating white button mushrooms showed a drop in waist circumference in a study of weight management through diet. 
2. The quality of your diet improves because mushrooms are giving you better nutrition. 
3. You can eat mushrooms instead of taking vitamin D supplements; you’re getting the same benefits.
4. Boost your immune system by eating white button mushrooms or two servings of shiitake mushrooms a day.
And those parasitic mushrooms? They can help treat cancer
Because of mushrooms anti-inflammatory properties, they’re also found to play a role in the prevention and treatment of:
· Rheumatoid arthritis
· Asthma
· Renal failure
· Stroke
Start eating mushrooms to get all the health benefits; pop them into your salads raw or steam them to add to any of your dishes. 
Be sure to cook them without additional oil and salt so you’re not contradicting the health benefits of these little fungi. 

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Eat mushrooms and reap these four powerful health benefits
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