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Dying to be beautiful? It could cause cancer

by , 01 October 2014

The topic of cosmetics and how they lead to health issues has been around since they've been on the market!

And the debate is ever changing!

Some say it's silly to think cosmetics are dangerous. After all, how many women wear make-up and don't suffer any consequences?

Others, like allergy specialist Dr Jean Munro, says she's treated over 8,000 women who've had bad reactions to their beauty products.

So the question is: Do you believe the hype about cosmetics. And WHO do you believe?

Read on to find out what authors of a new book, aptly called “Drop Dead Gorgeous” has to say.

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Not all cosmetics are created equal

The truth of the matter is, not all cosmetics are bad for your health. Many manufacturers took the time to ensure they removed the really harmful chemicals from their products.
But there are some that contain significant amounts of chemicals that, when absorbed into your body, alter the way your cells work and they cause all sorts of problems.
And the reason they get away with this, is because the Federal Drug Agency allows manufacturers to leave them in their product if they aren’t able to remove them in a “reasonable” way. This means, if manufacturers can justify why they can’t remove the chemicals without completely altering their product, they may leave the chemical in.
That’s why authors of Drop Dead Gorgeous, Kim Erickson and Samuel Epstein, have written the book: To warn women about the products they’re using. And they know why women don’t suffer immediate effects from wearing make up.
Because of the tiny amounts of chemicals, the negative effects on your body build up over time.
So, when you get older and you get sick, you chalk your illnesses up to age. No one suspects it’s because of years of allowing dangerous chemicals to seep into your body from beauty products and cosmetics.
That’s why it’s essential you know what’s in the beauty products you use so you can make an informed decision about whether you still want to use them.
Here are some of the ingredients in your cosmetics you need to watch out for…
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These seven ingredients you’ll find in your cosmetics will destroy your health

#1. Coal tar: While it’s no longer in cosmetics made in the EU, America still allows it. It causes cancer! It might be called a colour on the label, like red no.6.
#2. DEA/TEA/MEA: The foamier your body wash or shampoo is, the worse it is for you. It means it contains a lot of one of these cancer-causing ingredients.
#3. Formaldehyde: Again, products made in Europe don’t contain it, but America still get’s away with using it – and a lot of these products land up in SA. It’s cancer-causing and is usually in hair dyes, nail polish and shampoo.
#4. Fragrance/Parfum: It doesn’t sound dangerous at all, but this is a group name for a chemical called phthalates that cause allergies, asthma, headaches, dizziness and have a link to cancer.
#5. Lead: This one is tricky. It won’t appear on the label as it’s not an ingredient, it’s a contaminant and for years, manufacturers have known about it being in many lipstick brands. It gets into products during the mixing process and you’ll have to search the Internet to find out if your favourite lipstick brand contains lead.
#6. Mercury: This heavy metal harms your brain and is a common ingredient in mascara and some eye drop brands.
#7. Parabens: It’s a preservative found is almost all beauty products. It can alter the function of hormones, cause cancer and lead to reproductive problems.
These are only a handful of the harmful chemicals your cosmetics can contain. It’s essential you check the ingredients on your favourite brands to determine what they have in their ingredients that could be harming your health.
If you’re worried about the products you currently use, there’s a wide range of organic beauty products that contain only natural ingredients. So give them a try! You can find out more about them here…

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Dying to be beautiful? It could cause cancer
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