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Due for x-rays or CT scan? Here's how to protect yourself from the radiation...

by , 27 August 2019
Due for x-rays or CT scan? Here's how to protect yourself from the radiation...
Radiation of any kind isn't good for you. But if you're ill or know you'll be undergoing a number of x-rays or a CT scan, no one would blame you for worrying about what the exposure could do to your health.

Even low doses of ionising radiation can cause damage to your DNA - which could result in cancer. About 2% of cancers and 15,000 deaths per year are attributed to exposure to xrays or CT scans (CT scans emit higher radiation than xrays, but you need to consider how many xrays you're exposed to).

Find out how to protect yourself from this radiation below...

How to protect yourself against radiation from x-rays and CT scans...

Studies show that antioxidants act as free radical scavengers - this means they attach themselves to unstable, damage-causing molecules caused by the radiation - thus reducing some DNA damage.

In effect, this intervention reduces the formation of free radicals in the first place, allows cells to defend themselves against these damaging molecules, flushes them out of the system quicker, enhances DNA repair or self-destruction when repair is not possible, and reduces the post-radiation inflammatory response.

Keep reading to find out which antioxidants can help...

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Good antioxidants to take when you know you're going to be (or have recently been) exposed to radiation...
N-acetyl cysteine and vitamin C have been shown in studies to help protect against the effects of low-dose radiation. Take these in supplement form if you are expecting to go for xrays or a CT scan.

In addition, add these foods to your diet before, and after exposure:
* Green tea
* Garlic
* Berries
* Leeks
* Onions
* Carrots
* Spinach
* Parsley
* Apples
* Tomatoes
* Watermelons

You can also take Ashwagandha - another powerful antioxidant supplement - to boost your protection. 

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Due for x-rays or CT scan? Here's how to protect yourself from the radiation...
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