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Drink tea to prevent prostate cancer! Here's how…

by , 05 June 2015

Do you frequently need to pee, but then stand over the toilet bowl and nothing happens?

Do you wake up at night with the feeling of a full bladder but when you go to the loo you really have to force the release?

Does it hurt to pee or do you always mess because of post toilet break dribbles?

Well, if you answered yes to any of the above, I'd say you're probably one of the 40% of men who suffer the effects of an enlarged prostate, whether you know it or not.

Now, while your current symptoms aren't pleasant, it's not the enlarged prostate you have to worry about. Instead, it's whether the cells that are multiplying inside your prostate are going to mutate and turn into cancerous ones….

And prostate cancer is far, far worse!

That's why you need to do something right away. Something to improve your prostate health and lower your risk of prostate cancer. And it could be as simple as sitting down to a cup of tea.

Read on below to find out why…

It’s never too early or too late to address prostate health
Whether you currently have prostate problems, or you fear getting them, there’s a natural solution to keeping your prostate gland healthy.
Read this special report from Dr Allan Spreen on how you can do just that…

There’s a special compound in this type of tea that blasts cancer cells out of your body before they have a chance to cause damage

South African men are definitely tea lovers. But I’m going to have to ask you to put down your cup of Rooibos or Five Roses and try a different type of tea…
Green tea is just as refreshing, warming and delicious as the tea you know and love. But the health benefits in this type of tea are extraordinary. Especially for your prostate.
Green tea contains EGCG. And while its name isn’t important, what it does definitely is.
The most recent research done was by Dr Nagi Kumar and his team from Penn State University. They gathered evidence on men drinking green tea for a year and recorded spectacular results.
Not only does green tea help slow down prostate cancer if you already have it, it can stop you from developing it at all.
The team are thrilled with the findings and say it’s a “giant leap to finding an effective way to prevent prostate cancer development”.
So how do you drink green tea then?
---------Editor’s Choice---------
“On the 8th February 2007 a prostate biopsy revealed that I do have prostate cancer
“Having recently started on Prostate Defence, I checked with my Urologist, who recommended that I continue taking it; it contains the ingredients necessary for a healthy prostate, and its continuous use may help with the fight against the cancer.
My advice to all men in their late 40's is to have regular prostate checkups and to take Prostate Defence as a preventative measure.”
A.F. MEYER (Johannesburg)
Click here to find out how you can prevent the devastating diagnosis: Prostate Cancer

Brew up a cup of healthy green tea like this…

Just like any other tea, green tea comes in a tea bag. So there’s really no mess or fuss involved in changing to a new tea.
You can leave it in the hot water to brew for about four minutes and then it’s ready to drink. To make it a little sweeter and add even more health benefits, add a spoon of honey to it too.
And there you have it!
Such a simple way to protect your prostate health and prevent cancer really is as easy as sitting down to a cup of hot tea. 

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Drink tea to prevent prostate cancer! Here's how…
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