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Don't wait for a pharmaceutical cure! Beat cancer naturally

by , 17 July 2013

A brand new way to cure cancer is in the news again. It seems like every year, there is new promise and new hope, and every year big pharma lets us down. This new treatment will only go to human testing in 2014! Don't wait around for a pharmaceutical cure, you can fight cancer naturally - starting today!

Big pharma’s red tape and moneymaking means treatments take forever to reach the public. For instance, the New York Post reports the newest cancer treatment that began development years ago will only go to human testing next year.

Huge pharmaceutical companies don’t care about individuals suffering from cancer

Of the dozens or hundreds of cancer patients who will participate in the study, half will not even receive the treatment that could save their lives! The scientists will give them a placebo and their suffering will be documented as a ‘control’ for the experiment.

Don’t be at the beck and call of big pharma – treat cancer naturally

There are dozens of alternative cancer treatments big pharma doesn’t want you to know about, because they can’t patent them! In How to Fight Cancer and Win, William Fisher has 350 pages of advice on how to beat cancer naturally…
  • Linseed oil and cottage cheese contain essential ingredients which may dissolve tumors
  • Eating a high-fibre diet can flush cancer-causing toxins from your gut before they start problems
  • Bee pollen has been shown in clinical studies to inhibit the development of tumors
  • Eating organic food will reduce cancer-linked sulphates in your system

And of course, there are many more natural ways to treat cancer using dietary restrictions and positive lifestyle choices. The best part is all these treatments are available to you today – in your supermarket!

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Don't wait for a pharmaceutical cure! Beat cancer naturally
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