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DON'T sit down when you read this…

by , 03 December 2014

“Sitting is worse for your health than smoking” was the headline splashed all over the world in the last couple of years.

And now, you know it really IS that bad.

Not only one of the main causes of obesity, sitting for long periods every day is a leading cause of colon cancer.

But then there's the risk of breast cancer that comes from sitting too long as well. And researchers are finding it's the invasive types of breast cancer that affect you if you're a long-term sitter…

Here's the research…

Women develop aggressive breast cancer from long-term sitting

In a recently published study, researchers form the University of Oxford wanted to find out what the link between increased weight, lower activity levels and breast cancer was.
They recruited 126,000 women into their study and followed up with them for five years.
During the study, they measured the women’s BMIs and made them fill out questionnaires as to what they did in terms of exercise or activity every day.
At the end of it, they divided the women up into groups according to their BMI. They found those who had the highest BMI were 55% more likely to develop breast cancer.
When they checked these findings against physical activity, it was the women who exercised vigorously who showed a 21% lower breast cancer risk.
And while BMI was important in determining risk, it appeared that physical activity plays a greater role in lowering your breast cancer risk because it also lowers your BMI.
Experts from another study agree. And they confirm starting an exercise later in life can even lower your risk should you have lived a mostly sedentary life.
Here’s what they had to say…
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Read on…

More evidence proves that physical activity lowers your breast cancer risk

Researchers from the University of Paris collected data from 59,308 women for 12 years.
They followed up with them every four years and asked them about their lifestyle trends as well as levels of physical exercise.
In the questionnaire, there were specific sections the participants could mark off with regards to physical exercise.
The women had to estimate how much time they spent every week walking, cycling or doing any type of sport.
At the end of the study, more than 2,000 women developed breast cancer. Shockingly, 73% of them were overweight!
When researchers looked into the number of hours the women exercised, they could make the connection.
Measuring in MET hours – with one hour of walking equalling three MET hours and an hour of cycling equalling six MET hours – they found that the women who spent more than ten MET hours a week exercising, had a 10% lower breast cancer risk.
While those who spent more than 12 MET hours a week exercising towards the start of the study but then became sedentary, increased their breast cancer risk 16%.
But the researchers noted that the women who started exercising more during the course of the study benefitted the most.
And that’s why you need to get up and get moving!
Here are some ideas about how to do just that…
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Stop sitting around! It’s not lowering your breast cancer risk

1.    Gardening is a great way to become active. Its fun and you won’t even know you’re exercising.
2.    Start walking. Walk around the neighbourhood with your friends while you catch up instead of sitting around eating cake and drinking wine!
3.    Join a class at gym that you enjoy. Pilates, yoga and Zumba classes are a fun and fulfilling way to get your daily exercise.
Whatever you choose to do, just make sure it’s doesn’t involve sitting around!
Bottom line: No matter how old you are, there’s no better time to start than right now to lower your breast cancer risk with exercise. 

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DON'T sit down when you read this…
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