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Don't sit around while your cancer risk soars!

by , 04 December 2014

Experts have found it's not just the lack of exercise in people across the globe that's causing a rise in all type of major chronic illnesses.

It's what you do when you're not doing exercise that's the problem!

Recent studies have found that the longer you sit during the day, the higher your cancer risk. And it doesn't matter whether it's sitting behind a desk at the office, or whether you sit in front of the TV for a long time every day.

Researchers have found its three types of cancers in particular that cause the most problems. Just because of sitting for a long period, you could develop colon, endometrial or lung cancer.

Here's what the researchers had to say…

The more you sit, the higher your cancer risk, warn experts

Researchers from the University of Regensburg in Germany conducted a collective analysis of 43 other studies to find out the link between activity and cancer. They found that out of four million people, almost 700,000 had developed cancer during the study.
When they analysed the data, they managed to group the participants according to their self-reported exercise and activity levels.
Those who lived more sedentary lives had an 8% higher colon cancer risk, 10% higher endometrial cancer risk and 6% higher lung cancer risk.
And what was significant is that sitting around more during the day was a bigger risk factor for these three cancer types than exercise was for lowering their risk!
In other words, cancer is a bigger risk factor for people who sit for long periods every day than it is for people who don’t exercise but stand a lot more.
But it’s not just your risk of developing cancer for the first time that’s a problem. Even if you beat cancer once, your change of recurring tumours increases if you continue with your sedentary behaviour.
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Cancer can invade your body repeatedly if you continue sitting too long

Colon cancer recurrence is one of the most common factors resulting from sitting too long every day.
Because you don’t get enough movement in your bowel, all sorts of things can go wrong.
With lower frequencies of bowel movement and less blood flow, you can develop cancerous polyps in your intestines.
And even if you manage to get rid of them once, your body can easily form more if you continue living a sedentary life. Especially if you had a part of your bowel removed during surgery for your cancer.
A New York study showed that men and women both have an astoundingly high risk of recurring colon cancer if they sit just more than 12 hours every day. In fact, their risk soared to 54% above those participants who sat for only six or less hours a day.
But you have the power to change you fate!
And here’s how you do it…
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Get up and move about to lower your cancer risk

There are simple changes to make to your everyday life if you spend most of it sitting.
Just getting up to talk to your colleagues instead of emailing them or phoning them can have a significant impact on reducing your sitting time!
The same goes for where you park your car when you arrive at work or go shopping.
Having an extra ten or 20 meters to walk to the office door or the entrance to the shop can increase your time of activity during the day.
So no matter what your job is, if you sit a lot during the day, it’s harming your health. Make a plan to get up for a few minutes every hour to get the blood flowing again.
Controlling your sitting habits wherever you can with little changes to your everyday life could dramatically lower your cancer risk!

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Don't sit around while your cancer risk soars!
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