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Don't let your daughter eat chips! They're increasing her breast cancer risk

by , 07 October 2014

By allowing your daughter to eat fried chips - even just once a week - you're increasing her risk of breast cancer when she's older.

What's worse, her risk is greatest if she's eating chips when she's under the age of five. This simple act increases her risk of breast cancer when she's older by a whopping 27%. And when she eats chips more than once a week, her risk doubles, says a study.

Harvard researchers followed up on the childhood diets of 600 nurses with breast cancer, asking their mothers about what their daughters frequently ate when they were younger.

Chips came out tops on the cancer-causing list.

Here's why…

The fat content of chips sends your daughters breast cancer risk soaring

Not only are chips deep-fried, which allows them to soak up lots of oil, that oil is made up of saturated and trans fats.
Both of these have a strong link to breast cancer, showed the 2009 study
When researchers found out the nurses who’d developed breast cancer in later life had eaten chips more often than women without breast cancer, it was clear that a high fat diet, especially in early life, was a big risk factor.
More recent studies also confirm the role fats have in the breast cancer risk…
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Recent studies show that saturated fats influence the breast cancer risk

Researchers of the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition study followed up on 300,000 women after 11 years.
Shockingly, more than 10,000 women had received a breast cancer diagnosis in that time.
And because researchers had information on their diet and their specific type of breast cancer, they were able to find out that:
1.    A high fat diet is a serious risk factor for breast cancer;
2.    A high fat diet changes the oestrogen receptor in breast tissue;
3.    A high fat diet changes the progesterone receptors in breast tissue; and
4.    The HER2 receptor was influencing the cause of the breast cancer.
With regards to these four points, they concluded the following:
1.    A high fat diet increases breast cancerrisk 30%;
2.    70% of the cancers in the study involved the oestrogen receptor;
3.    59% the progesterone receptor; and
4.    23% the HER2 receptor.
So what does this information mean for you?
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Don’t ignore the link between a high fat diet and breast cancer risk

As you can see, there’s a significant amount of evidence relating to how a diet high in saturated fat increases your breast cancer risk. And the risk doesn’t only start when your hormone start changing! It starts at a very young age.
So, to protect your young daughter and yourself, cut fatty, animal products from your diet.
Instead, eat healthy types of fats that come from nuts, sees, avos and fish.
Taking note of your diet is the easiest way to protect yourself and your family from the dangers of cancer. 

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Don't let your daughter eat chips! They're increasing her breast cancer risk
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