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Don't ignore the symptoms! These six cancer warning signs mimic other diseases

by , 25 March 2015

We've all heard stories about someone who found out they had cancer and dropped dead just a few weeks later.


Well, in many cases, cancer mimics the symptoms of other diseases or conditions. This makes them easy to brush aside as something that you don't need to worry about.

Don't let this be YOUR fatal mistake.

Here are six common cancer warning signs you'd normally ignore, but shouldn't…

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Never ignore these six signs – they could be warning you of cancer

#1: Chronic coughing 
When you have a cold, it’s not unusual to couch so hard it feels like you’re coughing up a lung. But if it lasts three weeks or longer (and it’s your only symptom), go to the doctor. It could indicate lung cancer or leukaemia.
Book an appointment immediately if you cough up blood or have chest pain that extends up into your shoulder or down your arm when you cough. 
#2: Stomach pain or nausea 
You probably don’t think too much about an upset stomach, but if you notice persistent stomach cramps or are suddenly nauseous all the time, see a doctor. Although it might turn out to be just an ulcer, constant stomach pain and persistent nausea are also signals for leukaemia, oesophageal, liver, pancreatic and colorectal cancer.
#3: Frequent fever 
Do you get sick or feel feverish more than you used to, it could be a leukaemia warning. 
This because this blood cancer triggers your body to produce an abnormal amount of white blood cells. In doing so, it saps your infection-fighting abilities and weakens your immune system
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#4: Difficulty swallowing 
Got a sore throat that just won’t go away? Finding it hard to swallow because you’re in so much pain? It could be a sign of throat, stomach or lung cancer. 
#5: Excessive bruising 
Have you ever woken up with a “mystery” bruise you just can’t place? It’s probably nothing to worry about. But if you notice bruises appearing all over the place – especially on strange places like your fingers and hands – raise the alarm. 
Easy, unusual bruising can be a sign of leukaemia, reveals the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. 
#6: Sores in your mouth 
Cold sores… Ulcers… Toothache… These are usually reasons to head to your dentist, not your doctor. But if they don’t heal, the pain keeps on coming or your notice white or red patches on your gums or tongue, or experience numbness or swelling in your jaw, it could be mouth cancer. They’re especially worrisome if they persist longer than two weeks, warns the American Cancer Society.

Bottom line: T
he best piece of advice we can give you today is to get to know your body. If you notice any unusual change that persists or gets worse, head to the doctor. Just because something doesn’t seem like a big deal, doesn’t mean it isn’t. If these nagging issues hang around too long, get them looked at so you can check cancer off the list of things you need to worry about. 

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Don't ignore the symptoms! These six cancer warning signs mimic other diseases
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