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Don't forget about phytonutrients! They're the ones that fight cancer

by , 22 October 2014

We recently posted an article about how filling your plate with 2/3 fruit, vegetables and whole-grains can help you increase your chances of breast cancer survival!

But researchers were quite secretive about the exact types of fruit, vegetables and whole-wheat's to add to your diet. They said they needed to do more research so they had something to compare their current findings to. They were afraid to bring false hope.

The thing is, fresh food DO help your body fight cancer. And it's not only this study that says so.

You see, it's what's in these foods and what they can do for your health when you eat them that are proving to be the reason behind this cancer feat.

We're talking about phytonutrients - and, as you will see below, why it's important you never forget about them!

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Phytonutrients are plant-based nutrients that experts believe fight disease

Researchers have found more than 25,000 different types of phytonutrients in plant foods people eat on a daily basis.
While they’re not essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals, they’re essential when your body diseased, like when you have cancer.
There are six phytonutrients that appear to play the biggest role in fighting disease. They are:
1.    Carotenoids: These give fruit and veggies their bright red, orange and yellow colour. They’re antioxidants that fight free radicals that roam around your body and cause inflammation. Since cancer’s and inflammatory disease, they’re essential to keeping your body healthy.
Most carotenoids also convert to vitamin A, which is an essential vitamin to keep your immune system working properly.
2.    Ellagic acid: It’s the most common phytonutrient in berries like strawberries and blueberries. Not only do experts believe they help your body kill cancer cells, they also help your liver get rid of cancer-causing chemicals.
3.    Flavonoids: Also part of brightly coloured berries, they have strong cancer fighting properties.
4.    Resveratrol: You’ll have heard about resveratrol, it’s the phytonutrient in red wine that makes a glass a day good for you.
And while drinking wine is a no-no when you have cancer, you can happily sip on organic, sugar-free red grape juice or eat the fruit with their skins on to reap resveratrol’s cancer-fighting benefits.
5.    Glucosinolates: The pungent smell that comes from cabbage and broccoli while it’s cooking is because of this type of phytonutrient. When your body digests it, the Glucosinolates change into other chemicals that your body uses to stop the growth and proliferation of cancer cells.
6.    Phytoestrogens: These act like your natural oestrogen hormone. They may even block your body’s production of oestrogen, which experts believe may lower your risk of endometrial cancer. But further research is needed for more conclusive evidence!
It’s clear that phytonutrients are important for your health, but there’s one thing about them that makes them great at helping your body fight cancer.
It’s how they help your liver with the detox process…
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Your body can get rid of toxins easily when you include phytonutrients in your diet

Sadly, even when you live a healthy lifestyle and follow a healthy diet plan, your risk of dying from cancer is still high.
Think about things like your makeup, sitting in traffic, second hand smoke exposure and even cleaning products. They’re everyday factors that expose you to all sorts of environmental toxins.
That’s why phytonutrients are essential. They help your liver fight off and get rid of toxins you come into contact with in your everyday life.
For example, phytonutrients play and important role during second hand smoke exposure.
Your liver has two detox processes it follows. The first involves a compound called cytochrome P450 which, in the case of cigarette smoke, converts the harmless smoke into harmful cancer-causing particles.
That’s right!
It’s your liver that makes you susceptible to cancer through cigarette smoke exposure.
But that’s where the second process comes in. It’s where your liver eliminates these harmful toxins so they don’t cause cancer.
Now, if your exposure continues, P450 increases and increases. More and more toxin builds up and the second detox process can’t eliminate it quickly enough.
Your liver starts reacting to stress and it forms free radicals.
These free radicals, along with the high toxin levels, is what causes disease like cancer.
But eating foods containing high phytonutrient levels protects your liver and gets rid of the free radicals, helping your liver stay strong and detoxing like a machine!
Can you think of any reason not to ensure you eat your nine a day to keep your body fighting-fit and able to beat the cancer that’s invading your body? We sure can’t…

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Don't forget about phytonutrients! They're the ones that fight cancer
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