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Diet: Your key to prostate cancer treatment and prevention

by , 23 October 2013

After skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men. It so common, one in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime. But you don't have to be one of them. In fact, make these three changes to your diet today and the likelihood that'll you'll get prostate cancer will shrink dramatically…

Altering your intake of certain foods could help you beat prostate cancer!

The reason?

Much like the immunotherapies prescribed by doctors, they build up the body’s natural cancer defences or interfere with the chemical processes that cause cancer to spread.

Here are some dietary changes William L. Fischer, author of How to Fight Prostate Cancer and Win says you should make to protect your prostate from cancer.

Add these thee prostate cancer fighters to your diet today!

Prostate protector #1: Fibre
A study by the Seventh-day Adventist Researchers (Adventists are strict vegetarians) in California’s found that vegetarians have a 50% lower risk of developing prostate cancer than men who eat meat.


Because low-fat, high-fibre lower diets help rid the bodies of excess hormone secretions, thus lowering their chances of developing prostate problems.

If you don’t want to cut red meat of your diet completely, make sure you eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables (berries, figs, dates and green leafy vegetables are good sources of fibre) and whole grains like bran.

And opt for organic meat only. There’s no telling what damage ‘growth’ hormones in livestock can have on your health. 

Prostate protector #2: Tomatoes
In recent years, tomatoes have received praise for the powerful punch they pack against prostate cancer. Tomatoes contain a potent antioxidant called lycopene.

Like other antioxidants, it neutralises harmful substances in the body that contribute to causing cancer.

Try adding at least ten servings of tomatoes to your weekly diet. Pasta with tomato sauce, pizza, soups, salsas, juice, canned tomatoes, ketchup and salads with fresh tomatoes will all count toward this goal.

Surprisingly, cooking the tomatoes, which breaks down the cell walls, is more effective since makes it easier for your body to use the lycopene. Adding some monounsaturated fat, such as olive oil, when the tomatoes are cooked, will raise the amount of lycopene your body absorbs even more.

Prostate protector #3: Healthy fats
Research shows that Omega-3, a fatty acid abundant in fish oil, may be an effective cancer fighter.

The best available source of Omega-3 is salmon. If availability or expense is an obstacle, try salmon oil – also available in capsule form from health-food stores.

Other essential fatty acids have also been associated with lessened prostate symptoms. Linolenic acid and linoleic acid (Omega-3 and Omega-6), found in flaxseed and pumpkin-seed oils, are involved in the production of prostaglandins – chemicals associated with sexual vitality.

And since pumpkin seeds have high concentrations of zinc, magnesium and phosphorus, they’re help decrease prostate inflammation as well.

So there you have it: Simple dietary changes that can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your prostate from cancer.

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Diet: Your key to prostate cancer treatment and prevention
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