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Did you know, there's a cancer fighting weed in your garden?

by , 27 December 2013

When you see those yellow fluffy flowers popping out of your green lawn you want to scream. You can't wait to pull them all out by the roots. But wait a minute. Today, we'll tell you how they can actually be extremely beneficial in your fight against cancer…

Current research shows that the dandelion is a powerful cancer fighter
You see, while some forms of cancer are resistant to chemotherapy, scientists are researching the dandelion as a powerful alternative to treating these types of cancers. 
The powerful components of dandelion’s leafy greens
There are so many minerals and vitamins in the green leaves of dandelion. 
For example, you can get more than what you need per day of Vitamin K from these plants. 
And if you have problems with your sight you’re sure to want to get more Vitamin A in your diet. Eat dandelion leaves! This also fights off lung and mouth cancer cells. There’s so much in dandelions in fact, you can get around 110% of your recommended daily dose from the leaves alone! 
Not only are dandelion  leaves amazing, let’s talk about the roots
Extracts from the roots of this miracle little plant have the ability to produce death in cancer cells says the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Ontario's University of Windsor. 
Within 48 hours, the tumour cells start to die, and no other healthy cells are affected. 
The research is still in progress, but there’s already one cancer success story of the use of dandelion root extract in tea. 
This after a cancer centre where an elderly man was being treated suggested that he drink dandelion tea when they sent him home. 
They didn’t think they could do any more for his condition. After four months of diligently drinking the tea, he was found to be in remission. 
So there you have it. Don’t let your gardener rip out those dandelions in your garden.

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Did you know, there's a cancer fighting weed in your garden?
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