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Did you ever think these ten every day acts could leave you with a soaring cancer risk?

by , 08 October 2014

You've stopped smoking, drink less alcohol and are eating a healthy diet and exercising. All in the name of lowering your cancer risk and improving your health.

But what about the factors you haven't thought of?

Worse, the things you do every day that you had no idea of their effects on your health and cancer risk.

What things?

Well, today, we're revealing ten every day factors that are harming your health.

Keep reading to find out what they are any why they increase your cancer risk. But, more importantly, use the tips that follow to change your risk at once!

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There are PROVEN natural alternatives to these dangerous drugs.
Drug companies don’t want you to know that you can swap their poisons for safe, natural (and more affordable) alternatives. They don’t want you to discover powerful, proven substances that can give you the good health you deserve.
They push heart pills that can cause heart diseasedepression drugs that up the risk of suicide…cancer treatments that can give you cancer.
How can this even be legal?
But there’s no reason to contribute to the coffers of greedy drug companies. Not when there are proven alternatives that help your body heal itself.

Don’t let these ten every day habits be the reason you develop cancer

#1. Driving
#2. Eating your favourite snack
#3. Your job
#4. Cooking your meat
#5. Putting on sun cream
#6. Eating a high fat diet
#7. Drinking a glass of wine
#8. Using a non-stick pan
#9. Gardening
#10. Social media
Bottom line: Don’t just consider how the obvious cancer risk factors are affecting your health, consider everything you do and how to change your overall lifestyle to keep your future cancer-free.

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Did you ever think these ten every day acts could leave you with a soaring cancer risk?
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