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Diagnosed with oral cancer: Overcoming the inability to eat

by , 19 December 2013

As with any patient suffering from cancer, nutrition forms a huge part of the treatment process and recovery. But how do we expect to “force” a patient with oral cancer to eat. It's most likely the last thing they want to do. But there are ways to overcome the difficulties while providing your body with as much nutrition as possible.

A healthy diet in a patient that has cancer is different to what other people might consider healthy. 
To rebuild tissues damaged by cancer treatments, patients must eat more high calorie foods and protein. 
So you’d have to add more foods that are that much harder to eat. 
This seems like an impossible task especially for someone who doesn’t think they can physically eat anything! But with a little help, you can overcome and move on to eating well and healthily. 
Eating when you have been diagnosed with oral cancer
You just don’t feel like eating, and it is uncomfortable or even painful to eat. 
So what do you do?
With the support of family and friends you can overcome your challenges!
Eat when you are most likely to feel hungry, which is usually in the morning. So try and eat as much as you can in the morning so that you can get through the rest of the day.
Where eating is painful, eat soft, but high fat and high protein foods. 
· Make a fruit smoothie
· Eat eggs or make an omelette
· Eat or drink full fat yoghurt
Meal replacements make “eating” easier
Having meal replacement drinks that are high in protein can take the effort out of eating, but be sure to keep trying to eat whole foods. 
You need to include a full range of nutritional foods to give your body strength to either undergo treatment or to start the process of recovery. 
Don’t be afraid to rely on people to help you and to motivate you to overcome your inability to eat after being diagnosed with oral cancer. It should get better with time, and the more energy you have the better you will feel. So keep on trying, your body will thank you for it. 

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Diagnosed with oral cancer: Overcoming the inability to eat
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