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Diagnosed with early stage breast cancer? Drink red wine!

by , 28 February 2013

Singer Anastacia's just been diagnosed with breast cancer. It was caught early enough for her to have surgery and hopefully bounce back soon. She's one of the lucky ones who caught her breast cancer at an early stage. If you're worried about the rise in breast cancer lately, you can take action by changing your diet. Because one of the surprising ways early stage breast cancer can be prevented is with red wine - and not just to drown your sorrows!

Luckily, Anastacia’s breast cancer was caught at an early stage, BBC News reports.
Because while a cancer diagnosis is always devastating, nothing can be as a bad as a diagnosis of advanced stage metastatic cancer, which is generally seen as untreatable, says FoxNews
That’s why you need to conduct regular breast exams to look for the warning signs of cancer.
Luckily, a new cancer therapy is being investigated, which would help early stage breast cancer patients avoid traditional radiation treatment.  
But you should still do all you can to prevent breast cancer in the first place.
It’s easier – and more enjoyable – than you think.
The easiest diet change to prevent breast cancer
Just a few years ago, wine was believed to be a risk factor for developing breast cancer, says CNN.
Now, it’s been found that the breast cancer fight could benefit from drinking more wine, says FSP Health.
But not just any wine.
Make sure it’s red wine, as red wine contains the same chemicals used for treatment of breast cancer in post-menopausal women.
Men can enjoy the cancer-preventing properties of drinking red wine too!
The National Cancer Institute reports that men who consumed four or more 4-ounce glasses of red wine per week have a 60% lower incidence of the more aggressive types of prostate cancer.
So top up your glass of red wine and wave goodbye to your cancer risk!

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Diagnosed with early stage breast cancer? Drink red wine!
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