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Devastated after hearing you have prostate cancer? Here's something that will shine a light at the end of the tunnel…

by , 16 February 2015

When your doctor told you that you have prostate cancer, he probably gave you some options for treatment.

He would have offered radiotherapy if the cancer was still in the early stages or he may even suggest you have your prostate removed. A third option would maybe be medical castration as this is a long used treatment to stop your sex hormones from causing even more chaos within your body.

Now I don't know about you, but none of the above offer me very much hope that you'll come out the man you were before the devastating news.

That's why we want to suggest another option.

A more natural option that can help your body fight the cancer cells.

Have you heard of the health benefits of hemp oil and their ability to kill cancer cells?

The health benefits of hemp oil are endless and are just what you need to beat prostate cancer

Hemp oil is the new it food on the market. So, when our research manager Chantel Pittendrigh heard about it, she acted immediately.
She started reading journal articles and all sorts of medical papers to find out what the hype was all about.
And she found even more than she expected!
She made the rest of us so excited about the health benefits of hemp oil that we started reading up about it too.Use hemp oil as a natural treatment for prostate cancer.
And what I found was astounding.
In one of the most recent reports published online by Spandidos Publications and performed by researchers from Chile, there was such great evidence for the use of hemp oil in prostate cancer.
The research team looked at how endocannabanoids influenced prostate cancer cells.
They introduced these endocannabanoids into the cancer cells and witnessed them destroy themselves and commit cell suicide. The prostate cancer cells literally died because of this compound.
Now, your body makes these endocannabanoids. But unfortunately, they’re available in very low doses and they don’t last as they are in your body for long. Your body metabolises them into other useful compounds in a short time.
And that’s exactly why you need hemp oil.
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The health benefits of hemp oil lie in the cannabinoids it contains

Hemp comes from the same plant species as marijuana. The difference between the two is that marijuana contains tetrahydrichloride (THC) as well as cannabinoids (CBD), and hemp oil only contains the CBDs. 
These bind to CB receptors within the brain and body. And it’s the THC that makes you high, while the CBDs make your body follow certain processes.
Hemp oil only contains CBDs, which bind mainly to the CB1 receptors on cells. And without the presence of THC, the CBS are the only ones that bind and activate the helpful processes in your body.
And that’s what happened to the prostate cancer cells in the Chilean study.
So, this means, by adding CBDs to your diet and allowing your body to digest them and use them freely, instead of having to make and use its own, it could be just what you need to treat your prostate cancer.
And it’s far easier to use than the pain and suffering you’d have to endure should you need surgery or radiotherapy!
That’s why it’s essential for you to speak to your doctor about using hemp oil as a treatment option for your prostate cancer. And even if it’s a complementary treatment to something you already use, it can’t harm you because it’s natural and something your body makes anyway!
We’re so excited about being able to bring you hemp oil from a source you trust too, so check out more about the health benefits and availability of hemp oil here…

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Devastated after hearing you have prostate cancer? Here's something that will shine a light at the end of the tunnel…
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