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Could your favourite shoes give you cancer?

by , 09 April 2015

You eat healthy... Never smoked… Don't use harmful chemicals… And exercise - all in the pursuit of keeping your cancer risk as low as possible.

But have you ever considered whether what you put on your feet is putting you at risk?

Probably not.

But research carried out by WDR, a Cologne based German Broadcaster Company, says you should.

Here's why…

The shoes you wear carry cancer risks for two reasons

The first, as the WDR study reveals, is because of the materials manufacturers use to make shoes. 
The company sent company sent ten pairs of plastic shoes, from reputed companies like Crocs, to a laboratory for testing. It asked researchers there to look for the presence of cancer-causing solvents, heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).
What it found was frightening. 
Cancer-causing chemicals and PAHs were present in six out of the ten pairs of shoes. Even worse, black shoes (and shoe accessories like buckles and buttons) contained especially high concentrations of these harmful chemicals. 
This is dangerous because your skin can absorb these chemicals and cause cell mutations that lead to cancer
But it’s not just plastic-based shoes that are high risk. Other studies have pointed fingers at leather shoes. This because they contain traces of the chemicals used to soften the leather. And some of these chemicals are known cancer causers. 
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Warning: Not even your clothing is free from the presence of cancerous chemicals 
From how the materials used to make your clothes were created to how they’re processed, there’s a chemical involved somewhere along the way. And that means the clothes you wear could be putting you directly in cancer’s path. 
But you don’t have to give up on the whole idea of fashion just because you’re interested in living a greener, healthier, cancer-free life.
The second is a little more complicated. And chiropractor, Dr SJ Wikler, first proposed it back in the early 1950s.
He revealed that when you wear non-ergonomic shoes (like high heels), it puts added pressure on the tissues of your feet. This can result in inflammation. And, as we know, chronic inflammation is to blame for a variety of illnesses including cancer.
And while you can’t go barefoot all the time (something studies published in the ESD Journal says can help prevent cancer), being conscious of the materials you choose to wear can go a long way in prevent cancer. 

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Could your favourite shoes give you cancer?
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