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Could your early balding be a sign of prostate cancer?

by , 15 April 2013

When you start losing your hair, you may go through all the stages of grief... From denial to eventual acceptance. But a new study may have you looking at your chrome dome in a whole new way... And more committed than ever to protecting your prostate. Here's why...

Ivy League researchers published a new study in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention. The researchers found that baldness, and more specifically when you start to go bald, may be linked to your risk of developing prostate cancer.
They looked at hundreds of African American men - a demographic for which prostate disease is high - who suffered from prostate cancer as well as hundreds who were disease-free.
And they found that men who started balding at an early age had a 69% greater chance of developing prostate cancer.
The risk for prostate cancer was even higher if baldness started in the front of the head and began its long march to the back.
Now, a toupee may help make you feel more comfortable with your looks, but it isn’t going to keep your prostate healthy. There are however some powerful supplements that could address your prostate health. And the earlier you start protecting your prostate, the better.
Saw palmetto, zinc and essential fatty acids have been proven over time to support a healthy prostate. There was also an exciting study conducted at the Georgia State University that found whole ginger extract could add to your arsenal of powerful weapons in the fight against prostate cancer.
And, there’s no time like the present to start your prostate protection plan, especially if you're getting a little thin at the top... You may be winning the war against cancer before it even starts!
Before you take your next bathroom break...
This amazing new breakthrough could be your answer to a healthy prostate FAST & FOREVER...     
We men won’t willingly talk about it, even to close friends, but statistics don’t lie:
  • One out of every two men could suffer BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia) by age 50...
  • As many as 90% of us could feel the squeeze as we reach our 70s and 80s...
At first, you may simply feel like you have to urinate a little more often. (Sound familiar?) But if you do nothing about these early signs, it steadily gets worse. Your prostate balloons to the size of a small melon, pinches off your urine stream, wakes you up constantly, burns like fire...
Until it gets so unbearable, we agree to take drugs that could make us impotent... Or submit to hideously painful surgery that could destroy nerves and leave us wearing nappies...
But it doesn’t have to be this way!
We finally know these simple secrets to keeping your prostate healthy for the long haul. And as you’ll see, it turns out standard therapies aren’t just missing this cause, they're making it much worse in the long term. Find out why here... 

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Could your early balding be a sign of prostate cancer?
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