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Cooking your meat like THIS is worse for your health than drinking and smoking!

by , 06 October 2014

If you love a seared steak or a good braai, this article's for you!

Research says meat cooked at high temperatures is one of the most common causes of oesophageal cancer. In fact, it's worse for you than both smoking and drinking a lot of alcohol! Much worse…

This month, doctors at a scientific conference in Canada announced that when you cook your meat at high temps, it gets covered in cancer-causing particles.

When they compared 101 cancer patients who'd eaten meat cooked this way most of their lives, their risk was nine times higher than the healthy people who hadn't eaten much.

People who smoked were only eight times more at risk of cancer and those who drank heavily four times.

Here's why cooking your meat on the braai or in a hot pan is so bad for you…

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When you cook your meat compound changes cause cancer

The meat is muscle. And just like human muscle, its building blocks are proteins. When you heat it, you chemically change the proteins. They form Heterocyclic Amines (HCAs), which are carcinogenic.
Add to this Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), which gets in your meat in three ways:
1.     Particles from charcoal or burning wood;
2.     Where the meat is charred or burnt; and
3.     From sugars in the marinade you put on your meat!
And that’s four times the cancer-causing punch in one tasty meal.
Your cancer risk also depends on the type of meat you like too…

Eating burgers on the braai is one of the biggest cancer causes

While making burgers on the braai isn’t typically South African, we love to make them on the stove and cook them on high heat!
Evidence suggests this increases your risk of prostate cancer 79%. While eating any type of other meat cooked at high temperatures increases your risk of pancreatic cancer 60%, says mirror.co.uk.
But while you don’t have to stop eating meat completely and avoiding every braai invite you receive, you do have to take a lot of precaution to stop it from leaving you with cancer.
Here are five tips to do just that…
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Stop your love of braais from leaving you with cancer with these five tips

Tip #1: Don’t let flames touch your meat and burn it.
Tip #2: Cook your meat for longer on lower heat settings in the pan and on the braai.
Tip #3: Cook meat on foil to protect it from the flames and smoke that rises. Make a channel to allow the fat to run off into a separate dish and not into the flames where it burns and smokes.
Tip #4: Remove chicken skin before eating as it can contain a high amount of carcinogens.
Tip #5: Avoid eating processed or smoked meats as they’re high in cancer-causing compounds.
Even though you might find the above tips to spoil your typical braai, it’s worth doing them to save your health. This way you can still enjoy a good piece of steak or tender chops without worrying that it’s increasing your cancer risk!

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