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Colorectal cancer might be common, but it's completely preventable too

by , 05 August 2014

Colorectal cancer is a deadly disease claiming tens of thousands of lives every year. And it's the fourth most common type of cancer in the world.

But what's really scary, is that experts say it's probably the cancer that's most preventable. In fact, around 68% of all cases are preventable.

And while there's some variables you can't change, like your genetic risk for cancer and bowel disease, there are more factors you CAN change.

So make sure you do everything in your capability to protect your health so you don't end up with this deadly digestive issue.

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Prevent digestive issues to save yourself from colorectal cancer

An article in the Chicago Tribune says inflammation in the gut is one of the leading causes of colorectal cancer. Inflammation is the root cause of all serious illnesses and it’s no different in your digestive system.
When there’s inflammation in your gut lining, your overall health suffers. Fewer toxins are removed and that means they stay in your system.
On of the areas they affect is inside your colon. They damage your colon wall and this allows cancerous cells to develop.
The best way to prevent this, however, is through your diet…
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Do you get gut-wrenching cramps?
Or, do you often have to unbutton your pants after a meal? You suffer from indigestion.
Beyond the discomfort digestion problems cause, they should never be ignored.

A troubled digestive system can cause more serious health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint pain and blood sugar problems.

Fortunately, Mother Nature can help when our bodies fall short on effective digestion…


Eat a healthy diet to prevent digestive issues

The Chicago Tribune article explains how eating large amounts of red meat, drinking lots of alcohol and smoking cigarettes puts you at a higher risk of developing this debilitating cancer. But there’s evidence that eating more fruit and vegetables prevents it.
So eat high fibre foods in the form of fruit and vegetable and obtain your protein from lean meat sources like fish and chicken. Also stop eating highly processed, sugary and fatty foods and you’ll be more likely to keep your gut healthy from the inside and prevent digestive issues like this deadly cancer.

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Colorectal cancer might be common, but it's completely preventable too
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