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Cigarettes and e-cigarettes both raise bladder cancer risk, research suggests

by , 27 October 2017
Cigarettes and e-cigarettes both raise bladder cancer risk, research suggests
You might think that smoking e-cigarettes is safer than smoking traditional cigarettes, however, research suggests that smoking either type of cigarette puts you at a higher risk for bladder cancer.

“We've known traditional smoking raises bladder cancer risk, and given the surge in popularity of e-cigarettes, it's imperative we uncover any potential links between e-cigarettes and bladder cancer,” Dr Sam Chang, a professor of urologic surgery at Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center in the United States said in an American Urological Association news release.

If you've switched from traditional cigarettes to an e-cigarette to cut your risk of cancer, you'll want to keep reading…

Study finds three of five chemicals linked to bladder cancer in the urine of e-cigarette users

For the study, the researchers compared the urine of people who smoke cigarettes with that of people who use e-cigarettes. That’s because most of the nicotine you inhale, you excrete in your urine.
The researchers looked for five chemicals that are linked to bladder cancer and may be found in e-cigarette liquid. Ninety-two percent of the e-cigarette users tested positive for two of the five chemicals.


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Second study finds that e-cigarettes trigger cancer-related damage to bladder tissue

In a second study, the researchers looked at the effect of nicotine and its chemical compounds such as nitrosamines and formaldehyde on DNA repair in the cells in the lining of the bladder. They found that e-cigarettes triggered cancer-related damage to bladder tissue.
The researchers found that nicotine, nitrosamines and formaldehyde also damaged bladder tissue while blocking DNA repair, which, in turn, raised cancer risk.
Separate study shows that even a small reduction in smoking improves odds of bladder cancer survival
On the upside, separate study that analysed data on more than 14,000 adults with bladder cancer showed that even a small reduction in smoking could improve survival rate in bladder cancer patients.

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Cigarettes and e-cigarettes both raise bladder cancer risk, research suggests
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