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Chicken soup for colon cancer prevention...

by , 08 July 2013

Colon cancer can take years to develop and poor dietary habits at an early age can put you on the fast track to cancer in adulthood. This is what a team of Harvard University researchers recently discovered when they looked into the diets of almost 20,000 women.

The women who ate the most servings of chicken during their high school years had a dramatically lower risk of ever developing colon tumours.

Those who replaced just one serving of red meat a day with chicken were able to reduce their risk of colon tumours by an amazing 40%!

The researchers concluded that incorporating more chicken into your diet could help you prevent colon cancer.

They also found that substituting red meat for fish produced similar results.

The rise of colon cancer...

Because the researchers didn’t establish a direct link between colon cancer and red meat as such, it's difficult to pin it down. But, the problem could very well be with  processed meat.

Processed meat has been linked to a number of cancers. And, when you consider teenagers' diets these days, there is a real risk we'll be seeing an increase in the number of colon cancers in years to come.

If you have teenage children or grandchildren, send them this issue of Health Bytes and help them to start incorporating more organic chicken and fish into their diet. It could keep your child or grandchild colon-cancer free later in life.

Of course, replacing red meat for chicken or fish can only be beneficial for your health too. And, there's more and more studies coming out on the healing properties of food, take a look here...    

Thousands of agile, sharp-witted, and carefree men and women are enjoying life well into their 90s and beyond!

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Chicken soup for colon cancer prevention...
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