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Check your blood calcium levels today to stop ovarian cancer in its tracks!

by , 25 January 2013

Here's another reason to have regular blood tests. According to a new study, high blood calcium levels could suggest ovarian cancer. It's one of the most fatal gynaecological cancers as it's often detected too late. But there's a simple way to stop ovarian cancer in its tracks, thanks to ‘the fruit that thinks it's a vegetable'!

A study from the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center shows that elevated blood calcium levels may indicate ovarian cancer.
Women who were diagnosed with ovarian cancer and later died of the disease, had elevated levels of calcium in their blood.
Increased blood calcium levels are a sign of fatal prostate cancer too!
Schwartz said the idea for this study came from his previous research, which showed that “men whose [blood] calcium levels were higher than normal have an increased risk of fatal prostate cancer.” That’s what led him to wonder if a similar relationship were true of ovarian cancer, he’s quoted as saying on the ScienceDaily website.
“We found the link between [blood] calcium and ovarian cancer, we confirmed it, and even though the study is small, we're reporting it because it's a very simple thing in theory to test,” Lead author Gary G. Schwartz, PhD, a cancer epidemiologist at Wake Forest Baptist, said on the BestMedicalCoverUK website.
Ovarian cancer has a high fatality rate because it is hard to detect and by the time symptoms arise, the cancer is usually advanced. 
Schwartz said early diagnosis might be accomplished through the use of a blood calcium biomarker, but cautions that more research is needed to confirm these results, adds ScienceDaily.
Protect your body from the risk of ovarian cancer by eating more tomatoes
One simple way to protect your body from ovarian cancer is to take in more lycopene.
Lycopene is the pigment that gives tomatoes their juicy red colour, according to the FSP Health website.
So eat more tomatoes and go for regular blood tests to protect your body from fatal ovarian cancer!

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Check your blood calcium levels today to stop ovarian cancer in its tracks!
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