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Change your diet or you'll keep feeding your cancer, warns Dr Kelly

by , 09 December 2014

A Dublin doctor says other health experts don't trust his “theory” that changing your diet can help you beat cancer.

But it's not just a theory, says Dr John Kelly! He's seen it in his patients, first hand.

In fact, some of his patients, whom he's given the devastating cancer diagnosis to himself, have walked away cancer free after making a few critical dietary changes.

And despite research coming in thick and fast about the devastating effects certain foods have on a cancer diagnosis, experts would still rather rely on surgery, radiation and pharmaceuticals to treat cancer. They say dietary changes are alternative medicine and there's no proof it works.

Dr Kelly is adamant it does. And he's written a book about it.

Here's what he says…

Cut all animal protein from your diet to beat your cancer diagnosis

The first thing Dr Kelly does for his patients that come in with a cancer diagnosis is to sit down and work out a diet plan with them.
There’s one major rule: No animal protein. Not even dairy.
And he has no shortage of success stories! Over the past nine years, he’s taken every single detail of his patients down. And he hasn’t seen many “failures”. In fact, most of his patients leave his practice cancer-free after following the strict animal protein-free diet.
The National Cancer Institute agrees that there are foods that cause cancer; and animal protein is one of them.
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Beat your cancer diagnosis by going on an animal protein-free diet

Earlier this year, the journal Cell Metabolism posted one of the first studies to confirm that eating animal protein can have devastating effects on your health.
Researchers found that the more animal protein you eat – including milk, cheese and meat – the more at risk you are of an early death.
Before this recent study, there wasn’t any evidence to suggest protein had any link to cancer. But now researchers are sure.
And while there’s a desperate need for more research, the little bit researchers have now, can have a huge impact on currently soaring cancer rates.
Here’s what they found happens when you eat a lot of animal-protein.
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Foods that cause cancer – like animal protein – switch on the inflammatory pathway

Your body needs protein to grow and strengthen. But prompt your cells to grow and proliferate too much and your cancer risk increases.
Animal protein switched the Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1) gene on, which has a strong link to cancer in middle age.
But, when your body stops making so much IGF-1 – which is around the age of 65 – you need more protein. And it’s a protective factor against cancer and other illnesses as you age.
This means, at certain times of your life, like when you’re young and old, animal protein protects you. But at the prime of your life, it’s damaging!
And that’s why Dr Kelly is adamant that an animal protein-free diet is the way to beat cancer and prevent it from robbing you of your health.
So, while more research takes place to determine the exact risks of animal protein products and cancer risk, it might not be such a bad idea to reduce your protein intake.
And instead, like one Italian man who’s made it to 108 years old, eat foods that fight inflammation! He swears by a plant-based diet full of brightly coloured fruit and vegetables.
If it works for Dr Kelly’s patients that already received the cancer diagnosis and healthy 108 year old Salvatore Caruso, it might just work for you too.

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Change your diet or you'll keep feeding your cancer, warns Dr Kelly
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