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Cancer survivor week: How nutrition can help you fight cancer...

by , 12 June 2020
Cancer survivor week: How nutrition can help you fight cancer...
Cancer is primarily caused by an unbalanced immune system.

So a good place to start is by “cleaning house” with a good detox diet.

It's important to work with a doctor skilled in Integrative Medicine so that he can determine your specific detox needs. There have been huge advancements in this field and you can have your toxicity levels measured non-invasively and inexpensively in your doctor's office.

He will then be able to establish a detoc programme for you that matches your individual needs.

Then start building yourself up with proper nutrition.

The right kind of nutrition to fight cancer...  

It’s not simply a matter of eating more fruits and vegetables. You have to eat the right ones. Many health experts recommend a diet of organic raw foods. There is an association between the cooking and processing of food and the incidence of cancer. Conversely, it is a fact that cancer patients make the best recoveries on completely raw vegetarian food.

You should also cut down your sugar intake. Cancer cells thrive on sugar.

Another reason you should work with a doctor trained in Integrative Medicine is so he can determine the best dosages and types of chemo for you (if you opt for chemo)...

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It should not be a one-size-fits-all approach...

In conventional protocols, the doctor identifies the type of cancer and prescribes a treatment. It's a recipe. Everyone with that type of cancer receives the same treatment.

But with Integrative Medicidne, the doctor tests the patient and comes up with the best treatment for each patient.

In general, patients get much lower doses of chemo than what’s typically given. That, of course, means fewer side effects. Some don’t experience any nausea, hair loss, or fatigue.

The doctor also checks for nutritional deficiencies, and supplements are prescribed along with the chemo.

Afterall, nutrition is a cornerstone of good health!

Give yourself a real chance against cancer by working with a doctor skilled in Integrative Medicine.

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Cancer survivor week: How nutrition can help you fight cancer...
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