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Cancer rates are soaring. Do something about your risk by following this cancer fighting diet

by , 05 February 2015

The latest statistics coming out of South Africa on the cancer front reveal at least one in five people will develop cancer in their lifetime.

That's a whopping 20% of all people alive today!

Just look around you. If you sit near four other people, which one of you do you think will develop the devastating disease?

A scary thought, right?

Sadly, it's a reality. And the only way to lower your risk compared to the four people near you is to make an effort to do so.

One of the easiest ways to lower your cancer risk is by following a cancer fighting diet.

Today, you'll find out about all the foods that fight cancer so you know what to eat to keep your health in shape…

Just a few tweaks to your current eating habits can have you on a cancer fighting diet in no time

The first step when you consider nutrition and cancer, is to write down the foods you eat every day.
Keep a food journal for at least five days, writing down everything that passes your lips. It’s essential to be honest with yourself when you do this or nothing will change.
No one else will see your food diary, so don’t let the fear of judgement wreck your changes at good health.
After five days, take stock of your diet. Highlight the fresh, healthy foods in green and the unhealthy, processed or packaged ones in orange.
If you have only a few orange foods, your diet changes won’t be significant. And these small changes to eliminate all orange foods from Keep a food diary for better healthyour diet will be fairly easy.
But, if most of your foods come out orange, you’ll have to put in a bit more work. It’s not impossible though! And having the foods written out on paper can help significantly.
So, for the next five days, eliminate the orange foods that came up consistently in the last five days.
The key to success here is to make gradual changes you can stick with.
For instance, instead of changing your entire diet in one day, pick out the foods that you eat out of habit. For example, if you had a bag of chips every day for the last five days, make every effort to eliminate them from your diet for the next five days.
After that, look at your diet again and highlight the foods in the relevant colours. Now pick another food to eliminate.
Do this until all the bad foods you eat frequently don’t appear on the list anymore.
Remember to substitute them with other, healthy foods to keep your body from going into starvation mode!
In no time you’ll see a vast improvement of your diet and less and less orange foods will appear on your list.
So why are these so-called “orange” foods essential to eliminate?
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Your cancer fighting diet should be free from processed or unhealthy foods

If you really want to beat cancer, you need to give your body only the nutrients it needs to function properly.
Eating processed, refined, sugary, fatty and other unhealthy foods causes inflammatory processes to start in your system.
These inflammatory processes share a close link to cancer.
Normally, the inflammatory processes within your body are a good thing. They protect you from the cells that enter your body with the aim to do harm. A huge line of attack, with the inflammation, get rid of these infiltrating cells with as little harm to healthy tissue as possible. When they do, inflammation dies down and waits until the next attacks.
In cancer, the inflammation doesn’t have an off switch.
First, as your cells divide to form new cells, they share and split their DNA.
Sometimes, during this process, your body gets the code wrong and the DNA becomes something different to what the original cell had. Sometimes, your body deals with it immediately and sometimes, the cell goes rogue and starts behaving strangely.
When the rogue, mutant cell comes into contact with the inflammatory cells that want to get rid of it, it gets them into the cell instead. And when the mutant cell does this, it convinces the inflammatory cells to keep working.
This way, it makes more blood vessels and gets just as much or even more nutrient-rich supplies than the normal cells that surround it.
And because of this, the cell grows and makes replicas of its damaged DNA. The tumour grows and multiplies quickly.
But what if blocking inflammation in the first place was the answer to prevent this disaster?
Well, CancerResearch.co.uk says the concept has been around since Aristotle’s times.
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Blocking inflammation with a cancer fighting diet is the answer to cancer prevention

Eating foods that fight inflammation and help to repair cells could well be the answer you’ve been looking for to lower your cancer risk.
Having better control of inflammation could stop mutant cancer cells being able to control inflammatory cells and thus prevent the process where cancer cells begin to steal nutrients to grow.
It’s also the reason you need to put down the processed, refined and unhealthy foods as they cause inflammation.
Instead, here’s a list of foods to add to your diet to ensure you’re at the lowest risk of cancer you can possibly be:
1.    Sweet potatoes
2.    Broccoli
3.    Cauliflower
4.    Brussel sprouts
5.    Spinach
6.    Bok choy
7.    Tomatoes
8.    Garlic
9.    Pears
10. Peas
11. Oranges
12. Berries
13. Grapes
14. Lettuce
15. Chickpeas
16. Red beans
17. Edemame beans
18. Lentils
19. Lean chicken and turkey
20. Fatty fish like tuna, salmon, mackerel and herring
21. Eggs
22. Low fat cheese
23. Low fat milk or skim milk
24. Brown rice
25. Whole grain pasta
26. Popcorn
27. Oats
28. Bran flakes
29. Hummus
30. Almonds
31. Olive oil
32. Hemp oil
33. Turmeric
34. Green tea
As you can see, there are plenty foods for you to eat on a daily basis. And following a cancer fighting diet will never be boring if you just imagine all the tasty, healthy dishes you can make.
There’s no reason for you to live your life worried about whether you’ll be the person in your group to develop cancer or not. Because when you implement these life-changing dietary habits, you’ll be at the lowest risk of cancer you can be!
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