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Cancer CAN be beaten! (All it takes is these 11 tips)

by , 27 October 2014

One in six men and one in seven women in South Africa will receive the devastating diagnosis that they have cancer in their lifetime.

But that isn't the worst news…

Stats SA says you can expect the cancer risk across the country to rise 78% by 2030!

That means, in just 15 years, one in four people will develop cancer.

So look around you… Who will it be?

John from accounting? Mr Willows your manager? Or Jane, the friendly intern who always bakes cookies for the entire office?

As sad as it is to think about your friends or colleagues getting cancer, you can breathe a sign of relief it's not going to be you.

Because when you put these 11 cancer-busting tips into practice, there's no WAY cancer will ever be able to invade your body…

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Win your war against cancer with these 11 tips to improve your health

1.    Pay attention to your diet.
2.    Eat more fruit, veggies and whole-grains.
3.    Make this cancer-busting salad.
4.    Eat black tomatoes.
5.    Look for foods containing phytonutrients.
6.    Make celery a diet staple.
7.    Eat lots of greens!
8.    Choose these two fruit over any others.
9.    Snack on walnuts.
10.  Add barley grass to your diet.
11.  Enjoy a few cups of black coffee.
There you have it! A recipe for good health, overall wellness and an important weapon against cancer to keep it out of your future. 

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Cancer CAN be beaten! (All it takes is these 11 tips)
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